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What’s the phrase—like a kid in a candy store? You’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t want to get a look inside a certifiable confections shop and InStyle’s here to bring you the access.

We recently visited New York’s Stick with Me Sweets in Nolita for a Facebook Live session, and we were in for a real treat (pun intended). The charming boutique houses a small working studio in the back, where we were privy to chocolatier Susanna Yoon’s deft craftsmanship, sharp palate, and artist’s eye. Think of Willy Wonka with a refined, high fashion spin.

Evan Sung

It’s no wonder all the bonbons that chef Yoon churns out are exceptional and popular—she’s already found fans in celebrities like Eva Longoria and Oprah Winfrey, who included Stick with Me Sweets on her Favorite Things List last year.

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Watch the video above and see for yourself how the glorious, glossy orbs get created and boxed in their clever book-inspired packaging, and head over to their site to have your fill of handmade designer chocolates, nougats, toffees, tea cakes, candy bars, and more!


Hi guys, I'm Hannah from Instyle. I'm here today with Stick With Me Sweets chocolatier Susanna Yeung. It's a snowy day here in New York City as you can see. We felt the perfect activity to stay in would be to visit a chocolate shop and see how everything's made, especially with Valentine's Day just around the corner, so we'll let Susanna take it from here and you'll get to see all of her gorgeous jewels. Cool, so right now we're gonna be making one of our most popular flavors. It's called the New York, New York. We actually Actually I've got to start brushing some colors on. [BLANK_AUDIO] Let me show you how that process goes really quick. [BLANK_AUDIO] So each of our bon bons are hand painted. All of them are hand crafted. [BLANK_AUDIO] You see, [BLANK_AUDIO] We're doing some brush strokes. [BLANK_AUDIO] And how did you learn how to apply this technique to the chocolates? A lot of it was trial and error in the beginning. It was more conceptual, like We like to think of the ingredients and the fillings that go inside, and because this is called the New York, New York bonbon, we really wanted to express the diversity and the different colors of New York. And so if you look from afar, it kinda reminds you of TImes Squares and all the bright lights. And so Yeah, it depends on the Bon Bon. Some, if it's a fruit, it looks like the actual fruit on the outside. So this is kinda how we finish. And then you're gonna see how each brush stroke, it's a lot of- It looks so uniform. A lot of loves that goes into these molds. So after you You paint the molds, we actually create a shell that kinda looks like this so we're gonna shell one out for you, so it's a nice thin shell you kind of see that looks yummy on the outside. So shiny. So, show you how that process goes. This is where the magic happens guys. Yes. This is our chocolate tempuring machine. She's my best friend so [LAUGH]. See the chocolate pour in. We're going to slide that down. [BLANK_AUDIO] And is this a dark chocolate or a milk chocolate? It's dark chocolate. [SOUND] So right now in the machine we have verona [UNKNOWN] chocolate. [SOUND] [BLANK_AUDIO] [INAUDIBLE] Follow it out. [BLANK_AUDIO] Make sure it's not too thin or too thick. [BLANK_AUDIO] Is this a limited edition bon bon?>> No it's actually one of our bon bons that we always have on the menu. But sometimes the flavor changes. The colors change, like in the spring it's a little more pastel. It's ever-changing, like New York. Cool. Now this one. So after you hollow it out. It looks like the one on top and we're gonna now fill [INAUDIBLE] The New York, New York. [BLANK_AUDIO] Right now we actually made the peanut butter praline. It has a peanut nougatine, little crunchy bits of sugar. This is milk chocolate. [BLANK_AUDIO] What kind of advice would you give, aspirational home cooks who wanna try their hand at making chocolates at home? I I would say it's hard to keep it clean but for. For people I would say don't try it out. [LAUGH] It's really messy. Don't try it, just don't do it. I mean you can, I think truffles and stuff are a little bit easier to do at home. When you show, it can get kind of Kinda get everywhere. I've been doing them for a long time now, so I manage to stay clean in the process. Yeah. But it can get pretty chocolatey everywhere. [UNKNOWN] truffles are non-shell candy. [LAUGH] Yeah, I I would say so. But you could actually try anything out if you're daring enough. All right, and then we'll just clear this one really quick. [BLANK_AUDIO] New York New York is actually It actually has three different layers. It has sea salt caramel on top, and so right now we put in sea salt, peanut butter praline, and some crunchy candied bits of pretzels. So it kind of reminds you of the New York nut stands and pretzel Go stand outside, so hence New York. We're going to take out the creaming. Show you how that happens. ANd would you say the mix of like sweet and salty is still a trendy thing? Absolutely, I mean, I love salt in almost everything. So we have Fleur de sel inside of our peanut butter pralines. It's sweet, salty, nutty. So nice and balanced? Yes, it is. I'm gonna pipe it out. So all of your bon bons are hand piped? Yes, they are. Wow. So most of our bon bons takes two to three days to make. We're trying to show you as much as we can, so I'm pumping it in advance. And so, inside you'll be able to have a lot of crunchy bits, creamy peanut butter praline. [BLANK_AUDIO] [INAUDIBLE] [BLANK_AUDIO] And I You told me you have a few celebrity fans, Eva Longoria is one. You're on [UNKNOWN] favorite holiday items list. Yes, we were. [BLANK_AUDIO] I think we're all kind of mesmerized just watching the process You want nice, perfect consistent seeds. And just gonna give it a quick seal now. So this actually needs to be crystallized and set over night. and so we actually did that. And so we have one right here. And we're actually gonna release in front of you guys so you can see how that process goes. I'm gonna set this up. [BLANK_AUDIO] Hold it. [BLANK_AUDIO] See how [INAUDIBLE] with a pedal. Yes yes pretty much. [UNKNOWN] slide off the chocolate to get a nice [UNKNOWN] [BLANK_AUDIO] So [UNKNOWN] Yeah And now were going to release it. We're ready. All right, so if I can get to the trays. Put some gloves on. What are some of your personal favorite flavors? Yeah, I'm a sucker for nuts. These are our [UNKNOWN] which is a crunchy pecan praline. It's one of my favorite snacks to have. These have been in the chocolate for how long? Overnight. Overnight, okay. So we have our [BLANK_AUDIO] Susana, they're perfect. Do you ever have chocolates that don't pass quality control, and what do you do with those? We eat them. [LAUGH] We usually eat them or Yeah, I think the majority we eat, but we've been trained to do our best to not have any side chocolate, so. How do you stay so thin, being a chocolatier? You know, I think it's because we actually work a lot of long hours Most cooks in kitchens are chefs so we move around a lot. It's like exercising. You make it look so easy. So gorgeous. Do you want to get a little macro shot? And Susanna, in addition to these gorgeous bon bons, have a whole host of other chocolate and non chocolate products. We love to give our viewers the sense of your cute shop as well. So we'll follow you to the front room. [BLANK_AUDIO] The kitchen is connected to our storefront so you can actually see us making chocolates. And you can come up to the front and see all the different types of. We have about 24, 25 different bon bons. And a lot of our concept is, like, putting a dessert inside of a bon-bon. So we have a lot of a fun flavors, like the kalamatsa meringue pie, strikingly Smore, [UNKNOWN] lychee. And what, how's your, how do you get inspired Just crazy flavors [INAUDIBLE] PB&J. I think a lot of our childhood favorites are included in our bon bons. Like the PB&J is something that I grew up eating but a lot of it is just the desserts that we love. [BLANK_AUDIO] [INAUDIBLE] That one is our crunchy pecan cream. [INAUDIBLE] That one is [UNKNOWN]. They're so gorgeous. Thank you. And did you come in with an art background or appreciation? Your colors are always so appealing. No, I didn't before but I think I think that the ingredients really inspired me. Yes. We also have a lot of candy bars, truffles, confections, and [INAUDIBLE]. Wow. These are the traditional caramels but yet, with all the flavors from sea salt, which is very popular in You Zoo. Which has a citrus tinge, and then toasted pecan, roasted coffee, really something for everyone. Yeah, and what are those? Are those truffles over there? Yes, they are. So those are a hand rolled truffles. We have all different flavors from raspberry lemonade To pistachio. And we also have little candy bars. And what's inside the candy bars? So each one is a little bit different. But we have, for example, the Venus is our chocolate nougat and it has caramel on top. So it kinds of reminds me of the Mars bars, so we call it the Venus. [LAUGH] [UNKNOWN] And we love to show viewers also So your range of gorgeous packaging that are all inspired by books as well. So I'm just gonna show you the box sizes that are available for our chocolate bon bons. Hi Mia, Hi. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] We have a two-piece box and we come in cute little book boxes like these. So cute. We have a six-piece box for 25. Our most popular one during Valentine's For valentine's day which is our 12 piece box which I've filled for the viewers to see. [BLANK_AUDIO] Wow. If you're lucky enough to receive a box of chocolates, how quickly should you eat them?>> We recommend everyone Want to eat them as fresh as possible because we use actually local fresh cream upstate. But it can last for around seven to ten days, but we encourage everyone to just eat them now. They won't last seven to ten days. [LAUGH] Yeah. Do you refrigerate chocolate? If your apartment is really hot, Or too warm, then I do recommend you put it in the vegetable comportment of the fridge. But pull it out about like five, ten minutes before you want to consume them, or they'll be a little bit harder. Okay. Well. And what are these roses? Did you make these specials for? Yes, for Valentine's Day. So it's actually our Handmade marzipan roses. Wow. That are also edible. They're gorgeous, and you said you ship nationwide, overnight shipping or second day. But for hotter climates like Florida, you would do overnight shipping, correct? Yes. And there's still plenty Time to put your orders through. [INAUDIBLE] Today would be the last day. Okay. [LAUGH] So today would be the last day, guys, if you wanna send your Valentine a special box of these gorgeous, shiny, chocolate. How do you get them so shiny? Well, we polish each cavity of our mold and we It's the temper of the chocolate. And we spray with different types of cocoa butters, and it has a nice sheen. Can we take a quick look at the [UNKNOWN]. And so, and these are, are these solid hearts? No, actually they're filled with our different flavored Those are Bon-Bons. (wow, and what, do you have hot chocolate mixes as well?) Yes, we do, so you can have a nice warm cup of hot chocolate made in your home. (It comes with real marshmallows?) Yeah (and, it's the perfect gift that keeps on giving, and you find yourself with a box of chocolates.) They're all gone in a matter of hours. They're very beautiful what looks like choppy or like chocolate bars, like rocky road. So, really something for everyone and I don't anyone who doesn't love chocolate. Thank you so much Diana for you letting us in your store Again, Susanna's Stick with Me sweets boutique is located in Milpitas if you find yourself downtown. And you have until today for guaranteed delivery in time for Valentine's Day. And stick with In Style's Facebook for any other, or send us questions or If you have any recommendations for fun segments, we'd love to hear from you. Bye.
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