Stephen Colbert’s First Celebrity Crush Is One Every Theater Kid Can Relate To

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Stephen Colbert is a happily married man, but he’ll still admit to a celebrity crush or two. After posing for InStyle’s September issue, the late night host took a questionnaire by teen mag Tiger Beat. Watch him discuss his hilarious answers with InStyle’s Editor-in-Chief Laura Brown in the video at top.

“My ideal woman is Twiggy. My ideal salad dressing is Green Goddess. I love eating Space Food Sticks, and I think we’re going to make it to the moon,” he told Brown.

Colbert in a Calvin Klein Underwear T-shirt, Levi’s jeans, and Topman cuff. Photographed by Miller Mobley.

But as for his first-ever celebrity crush, Colbert named someone very different from Twiggy. “I remember having a crush on Raquel Welch when I was a child,” he said, before remembering the first moment he thought a girl was “kind of cute.”

“Oh, you know what, Liza Minnelli! I saw her photo when I was going to the dentist when I was like six years old, and it was from Cabaret.” Considering the funny man went on to major in theater at Northwestern University, a Broadway crush makes a whole lot of sense.

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Watch the video at top to learn more about The Late Show's host, including how he’d describe his kissing style in one word.

For more from Stephen Colbert, pick up the September issue of InStyle, available on newsstands and for digital download on August 11.


I'm here with Stephen Colbert, September's man spread. Let's spread it. Today I'm gonna ask him some Tigerbeat questions from 1968. My ideal woman is Twiggy. My ideal salad dressing is green goddess. I love eating space food sticks, and I think we're gonna make it to the moon. One day. [SOUND] [APPLAUSE] Who was your first celebrity crush? I remember having a crush on Raquel Welch when I was a child. You know what, Liza Minnelli. Liza Minnelli, I saw her photo when I was going to the dentist when I was six years old And it was from Cabaret, and it was a photo from Cabaret and I'm like that was kind of a cute girl. What's the most insane question you've ever been asked? There have been so many. But the most insane way I've ever been asked a question is when someone follows you into the bathroom stall to continue the conversation. And they don't realize where we are now. Yes. And then you actually literally go to a stall and then they start to come in with you. And you go I'm, we Probably cuz she'll probably pick this up in a minute. What is the main fault of your character. God, there's so many faults of my character. I'm a Catholic. The guilt is baked right in. [LAUGH] Describe how you kiss in one word. Hastily, experimentally, inaccurately, eagerly. Splendidly. Mm-hm. Where would you like to live? I'd really like to live in my hometown of Charleston, South Carolina. But it's hard to do a tv show there. My wife is from there too, I was smart enough to marry a girl from my hometown. That's a rush. So. So you can go back and knock them all off? Yeah. As it were. What word in the English language do you wish you had inventer? I like compound words a lot, like nevertheless. It's three words all jammed together. Inasmuch, that's one word but it's three words slammed together, I love that. What is the first quote that comes to your mind? Love is the every only god who spoke this world so glad and big. From who? E.E. Cummings. Damn. [SOUND]
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