Star Stylist Ken Paves Demonstrates the Perfect Blowout

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Armed with a hair dryer, a few simple styling tools and a bottle of his favorite shine serum, Jessica Simpson's hairstylist, Ken Paves, shares the six easy steps you can take to achieve star-worthy tresses.


[MUSIC] Hey, I'm Ken Paves. Welcome to my salon. Today, I am gonna show you how to do the perfect blowout. So step one is to towel dry your hair and add the products for your desired look. I like to use a shine serum because it seals the ends and the cuticle, and then make sure to always comb the product all the way from the roots to the ends. Step two, I like to take most of the moisture out of the hair, either by finger drying with the blow dryer or by letting air dry. If you started from completely wet, it'll take forever to blow dry. So step three is to begin sectioning your hair, I always begin in the nape. Because the ends dry the fastest and tend to be more dry and need more smoothing, I begin there first. This will also give you more control. Whether I'm using a round brush or a flat brush, I always use a mixed bristle brush. Step four is to begin smoothing the hair. I always go from the roots to the end, pointing the hair down in the direction that the hair grows, never touching the nozzle to the hair. The key to step four is that, because the cooling down process allows us to hold in and lock in the shape, you can either use your cool button on the brush or you can do a velcro roller or a pin curl. In step four, in order to keep your sections neat, you can always clip away the sections before you get to them. Step five, when I get to the sides of the hair, I pin curl the hair down at a 45 degree angle, this will give you a much more modern look. The 45 degree section will pull the hair outward and away from the face. Then in the top, I over-direct this section forward, this creates more volume. So step six is easy, just unpin your hair, brush through, add some more shine serum, flip over, tousle your hair, and you're all set. So now you know the six simple steps, and you too can have gorgeous celebrity locks. [MUSIC]
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