Spring 2008 Top Five Trends


In Style fashion directors count down the season's gotta-gets.


[MUSIC] This is your go to look for spring evenings. There is a timeless elegance to goddess gowns. There's a lot of play with asymmetry. Which I think is, is very interesting because it plays with different shapes of the body. Also they're not all gowns, they're Goddess dresses. So it's a cocktail look as well. I think it's the ones that have red carpet element that never really looks old, simply because it always looks flattering. [MUSIC] Some of the prettiest dresses were petal-like layers of sheer fabric. I think at first sheer sounds really scary to most women. But it isn't about revealing your body so much. It's more about overlays and, and lightness and movement. When you think of sheer normally you go right to that sort of boudoir negligee moment. And, frankly, it's not there. It's a different kind of illusion. It's kind of romantic in some ways. But it can be ultra modern in others. The other big direction was ethnic prints and sort of exotic inspirations. We thought the boho trend had kind of gone away but it's back big time and it looks really, really great. Usually I think we associate that, with that kind of, sort of 60s, you know, loosey goosey, everything's flowing. But you will find these global influences in the most tailored dresses from some fabulous country that none of us have ever been to. When you talk about spring it's only natural to imagine flowers, but this season it's, it's kind of an explosion. It's, it's sort of this mad steroided garden, where flowers are just riotous. Sometimes I think women associate florals with grandma or little girls, but this season, the florals that you'll see are florals that strong women can wear. But I think that the important thing is if you always thought of florals like they were sweet, I think you're in for a surprise. The number one trend for spring is color. The color is incredibly in, you can't even say it's bright. It's more intense than I think it, it is anything else. It's like you can't hide behind black and white any more. The good news is that there is a color for you whatever your preference. There's saturated brights, but there's also some kind of poppy pastels. The range is so great. The gradations are so great. The spectrum within, which, within these, whether it's reds or blues or greens. I, I think there may be colors you might not have thought about before. The real surprise this season is the amount of yellow and lime and citrus colors, which women, I think, are often afraid of. I feel like, when you walk into store when spring starts shipping in March, you're just gonna feel like, I want that. [MUSIC].
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