Sophia Bush Stays Up Late and Looks Great


From cocktail party to after-party--experts share their style secrets for a night out.


[MUSIC] Sophia Bush is one of our absolutely favorite celebrities and we were thrilled to have her gracing the pages of Your Look. She looks completely gorgeous in two different looks. And the Your Look reader, being somebody who's always on trend, who always is trying out the hot new looks straight from the red carpet, is definitely gonna wanna check out this article for that sort of inspiration. We went for a really smoky eye and we did it with copper and black mixed and then we did a really neutral lip. When you're picking a smoky eye Keep the concentration on the eye. Don't do a bold lip as well. Just choose one feature. Don't be afraid to try a smoky eye. A lot of people are, are afraid that, but it's just makeup, you can wipe it off. So we did this really interesting dress by Zac Posen. Sheer, has a little bit of a clown collar. I gave her a little texture in her hair, a little wave, and then I did kind of the same thing. I pulled it loosely back, in a loose bun. We did this great black strapless dress by Brian Reyes which is pleated in the front, has these big pockets, sort of a bell dress. They used to set the hair in rollers, then take it out and brush it out. I just did a tighter curl with an iron and give her that volume. We took it down and did it really sexy and big. It was just like a brushed out roller set, like you did in the 70s and your mom used to do. [MUSIC]
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