How to Get Legs Like Sofía Vergara's


Many celebs and fitness enthusiast are fans of the Megaformer, the spring-based resistance trainer that sculpts the bodies of many of Hollywood’s finest figures. It turns out Sofía Vergara relies on the machine for regular workouts, so I turned to its founder Sebastian Lagree to get the scoop on moves we can do at home (even if you don’t have a Megaformer of your own) to get legs like hers.

In the video above, Lagree takes me through a move similar to one that Vergara does on the Megaformer to tone her gams (it begins with a basic lunge—however it's anything but basic, trust me.)

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Perform this move for 60 seconds, several times a week to achieve the best results (and to ultimately strengthen and tone the body, not bulk it—Lagree’s signature method). “We are maximizing the intensity on the muscles, but we are minimizing the impact on the joints,” says Lagree. Sounds good to us!


[MUSIC] Hi I'm Kim with InStyle. I'm here with Sebastien Lagree, founder of Lagree Fitness, and today he's gonna show me how to get legs like Sofia Vergara. Yes, she's got a couple machines at home, so this is Machines. The Megaformer, exactly so we will do an adaptation of some of the exercises she does on the Megaformer. You need a mat just like this. And when you do a workout at home always focus on the technique and the technique is make sure you are keeping the muscles under constant tension. And then also that you reduce the impact on the joints. Okay, so you ready for this one? I'm ready. All right, so it's gonna be just a traditional lunge. Right. Okay, so you're gonna put your left foot forward, right foot back. Make sure that both feet are basically parallel. Okay. Keep your shoulders back, spine straight. And what you're gonna do, is you're gonna drop your spine straight down to the floor, and bend both legs. You're gonna slowly kneel down. Without touching the ground. And then slowly raise your body up, pressing from the back of the left leg. Now the key is to go very slowly and stay in control. And slowly is about four seconds down and four seconds up. And the reason we wanna go that slow is to lift without momentum. And that's to basically strengthen the muscles. Without bulking the muscle fibers, it becomes aerobic when you keep the tension constant. So you're gonna go down 1,001, 1,002, 1,003, 1,004, and then slowly up, 1,001, 1,002, 1,003, 1,004, perfect. And then slow back down again, and then we wanna do this for about 60 seconds. And then when you stand up on the left leg you wanna make sure that you don't lock the knee because when you lock the knee you're gonna turn off the muscles. And again, the idea is to keep the muscles under constant tension. On the 60 seconds we're gonna hold it half way down and we'll do another 60 seconds, slide the left knee forward and back, perfect. And in just a little bit of movement And what we want to do over here is to keep the muscle on the concentration on the left leg, stabilizing from the right, keeping the spine in an upright position. We are maximizing the intensity on the muscles, but we are minimizing the impact on the joints. And of course, if you get too tired and you start basically Losing your balance, you can always drop the right knee on the ground and it will also be effective on the left leg. Perfect. You can start feeling it, right, you can see the muscle, your muscle fibers start to shake and vibrate. Yeah, my legs are shaking. That may look easy but it is not easy. It's not, yeah, exactly. People always ask me, they always think that when I do the workout, when I train the celebrities that I've come up with some crazy exercises, but I always stick to the simple exercise. But it's always the tempo, always the form. I love it, thanks so much. Thank you. [SOUND] Good job.
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