Sofia Vergara: My Style, My Way

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Hear how the voluptuous actress feels about taking fashion risks—and if they pay off.


[MUSIC] I don't really like casual outfit. I mean for me casual is jeans, tee-shirt, but high heels and a great bag. I don't really hang out like in sweatpants. If I'm gonna go to the movies on a Sunday or like a brunch, you know, I'm well put together. [LAUGH] I've always tried to play it safe, because I know my body's a little bit difficult, so I'm always very careful not to go too crazy. When I used to work in the Latin market, of course, they like more, you know, sexiness and tight miniskirts. Recently, I took one of my biggest risks when I went to the SAG awards and I wore this blue Cavalli dress that had a very plunged v-line in the breast. And I was very scared, I was like, oh no, this is too much, I look like a stripper, and but my stylist, Deborah Joaquin, she was like, put it on, the color's great, you look great, and I did it, and then I was happy, everybody loved it, nobody said that I looked like a stripper. I love dresses like Dolce and Gabbana because they are made for curves. If I'm wearing like a baggy dress, it looks kind of like, you don't know what's going on. If it's fat there or is it like a baby underneath there. So, I have to wear fitted clothes so that you see that it's, you know, a, a voluptuous figure. [MUSIC]
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