Single Process Color


With Louis Licari's help, you'll be coloring your own hair in no time.


[MUSIC] Hi I'm Louis Licari here. We are at my New York City salon. Today I'm gonna show you how you could have richer hair color in less than an hour. [MUSIC] A single process is an overall color. This is the way to color your hair if you want a more dramatic color change. My favorite single process colors are perhaps the red. Susan Sarandon, great client of many years and then of course, the Julianne Moore color. Now remember, the hair color that you are going to end up with, is not the hair color in the box, but a combination, of the hair color in the box and your own hair color. When you go home if you're still confused and you just want to really make sure that you pick the right hair color, what I suggest is that you do what I call a preview test. A preview test is when you take a piece hair from the nape area. Just mix up a little bit of the color, put it on. Let it sit for the 20 to 30 minutes. And then just wash that one strand of color off. This will show you the exact results before you start. Permanent hair color, comes, with a developer, and the hair color. Put the developer, with the color, and you stir it up. Witness the colors together you'll have a nice consistency that won't drip. We're ready to go. One last tip is to put a color barrier on your skin before you start. A color barrier can be anything from vaseline to a heavy moisturizer. Just a put a pinch of this all around by your hairline. Now, make sure you always wear your gloves or the hair color will go on your nails, another giveaway sign. How to apply the color? Very simple. First you start at the regrowth area, the root area. Just do a section at a time. This will just make sure that you have the color all the way through the hair. Now here we're using a brush, sometimes it comes in a bottle, if the bottle works for you, great, if you'd rather use a brush. They're easy to come by. You can always find this at your local drug store, or beauty supply stores, you could even go to your local art store. Now this is a virgin touch up, in other words she doesn't have hair color on her hair right now. If in fact she did have hair color. You would only apply the hair color to the roots, and work the color through the ends only for the last perhaps two or three minutes. When you work the color through the ends, just take your hands, and again massage the hair color through. Remember. The closer you keep your hair color to your natural color the less frequent the touch ups will be. Now Mary Ann just has to sit, 30 minutes later there's a whole new Mary Ann. Mary Ann wanted to be darker, richer all those great things that hair color can do. Here she is a single processed color. Less than an hour later. Mary Ann you've never looked more beautiful. [MUSIC]
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