Sienna Miller's Travelogue: Haiti

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The actress takes us along as she works with the International Medical Corps.


[MUSIC] I wanted to get involved with International Medical Corps and one of the conditions of my involvement was that I wanted to see firsthand what was happening there. They gave me that opportunity. We went to the Democratic Republic of Congo, and that was the first trip about a year ago. And they're in 26 countries. It's incredibly impressive what they're doing. Seeing people saving lives, it's just immeasurable, the value of that. And was gonna actually go back to Congo, but then what happened in Haiti happened, so that was a more urgent trip. The city disappeared. It looks like something out of a film set, or a horror film or something worse. Just enormous buildings looked like sandwiches piled on top of each other, and you know that amongst rubble there are still bodies that will never be recovered. And while they're already getting through and it's been fantastic, if that aid stops coming and runs out, which it's threatening to do, then they're back to where they were before. There's a spirit within the people that is just fantastic. When I compare myself to others who have nothing, no place, I consider myself as privileged. I think it's humbling always to, to go on these trips and to see another way of life. I think you become aware of the world that we're living in and sacrificing it personally enormously to go on these trips and to feel like it's helping in some small way. Selfishly I get a lot from it. [MUSIC]
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