Real-Time Fashion: Look Instantly Polished With the Shirting Trend

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Fashion's perennial favorite piece -- the button-front -- got a facelift for spring. Spotted on a slew of runways, including Christian Dior, Valentino, Balenciaga, Altuzarra, and Alexander Wang, the classic top was re-imagined with new silhouettes and colors. "I love the shirt dress trend because I love a trend that has no beginning and no end," says Dana Avidan-Cohn, InStyle senior market editor/digital correspondent. "This is something that always looks right, it always looks fresh, it feels new."

On that note, Avidan-Cohn calls out particular styles she's partial to, like a crisp white version for a put-together look, or a textured one to go more casual. "It feels finished; it feels like you put thought into your outfit," she says. Watch the video above for more of Avidan-Cohn's styling tips and head over to to shop out the trend, from a two-toned Zara shirt ($36; to an H&M chiffon blouse ($20;

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[MUSIC] The shirt trend has been reimagined this season for spring. And we're seeing so many new silhouettes. So many new color ways. They're staying true to form. They're all buttoned front collar so they still have that preppy, cool fresh clean feeling. But this is going to be about a new cut and a new shape that's going to make you feel cool for the season. I love shore dressing because, for some reason, I have these fascinations with putting on a white shirt and just feeling more put together, taken more seriously. It makes you feel smarter, like putting on a pair of eye glasses. I like the idea of a really crisp shirt. That feels really new and fresh. A white shirt is always gonna look good, especially an oversized one. I like a texture personally for the weekend. It feels more relaxed, more easy with a pair of destroyed denim jeans that are cropped. And then go for something unexpected. Add a low kitten heel, something you can really walk around in. It feels finished. It feels like you put some thought into your outfit. I really love those classic silhouettes. They always feel like you can pull them out again and again from your closet, which to me is a great investment. You could buy an expensive shirtdress, if it's cut beautifully and tailored,. It's gonna look right season after season, and then you can play with your accessories and completely reimagine the way that the dress looks, just by changing up your shoes, your bags, your jewelry. When you're shopping for length, and you wanna find a silhouette that's gonna work for you, look at the things that you already have. So, if you are someone who always loves a really. Short mini and you want to show off your leg, then wear a really beautiful heel then find a dress that's cut that way. You can sorta follow the length and hems that you're already comfortable with. And then, just find the market for sure. I love the shirt dress trend because I love a trend that has no beginning and no end. This. Something that always looks right. It always looks fresh. It feels new. It's all about where are you going and who are you going to be for this season. [MUSIC]
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