Sheryl Crow Visits New Orleans

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Spend some time with Sheryl on her cool music video set.


[MUSIC] The video we're shooting today is for Love is Free which is obviously, inspired by New Orleans. We're outside of New Orleans and we're on a, like a little bayou out here. And it feels very much like what it must of felt like when it was, when it was flooded. When you see these characters as you're rolling by on the boat. I think all of us sat back as a nation and watched the disgrace of how the whole catastrophe was handled. And what really struck me about it, is the stoicism of the New Orleans people. I came down and got to see a lot of how it looked then which was clearly a year and a half later and not so much was happening. You could tell it was going really slowly, but people felt very optimistic. They seem to be very spiritually based and they're, they're not gonna give up. They're gonna rebuild and So the song is really about that. It's about stoicism. It's about the fact that at the end of the day at least we have each other and we have people who support us and love us and we press through. [MUSIC] The look for this video is basically clothes I would normally wear. And I have naturally curly hair so we're just going for the natural look. I like to wear like jeans and leathers and like a cool vest. The best fashion advice I've ever received for the red carpet is to make sure you feel comfortable in the clothes you are wearing and that they represent who you are. Sometimes you step out on a limb because you think it's kind of a cool looking outfit and it just doesn't fit your personality and it doesn't. It winds up wearing you. I'm so, happy to be back in New Orleans. It feels so great. I, I'm always astounded at how un, unbelievably soulful the people in New Orleans are and it just felt really, it feels really nice to be back down here after having done my second record here. It's just such a special place. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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