Sherlock Special- Official TV Trailer - BBC One

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Sherlock Special- Official TV Trailer - BBC One


The stage is set. Get Moses. They are ready to begin. [MUSIC] [SOUND] You promised to keep him safe, you promised. Well, Holmes, surely you must have some theory [UNKNOWN] past, Watson, ghosts. They're the shadows that define our every sunny day. [SOUND] [MUSIC] Every great cause has martyrs. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Every war has suicide missions, and make no mistake, this is war. Why are you doing this? Tell me who you are. [MUSIC] What made you like this? Oh, Watson. Nothing made me. [SOUND] I made me. Who are you? I demand to speak. Who are you? The name is Sherlock Holmes and the address is 221 B Baker Street. Standing here, in the dark. After all, this is the 19th century. I have to finish this. This one. Why? You're Sherlock Holmes. Wear the damn I'm hit. [MUSIC]

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