Sexy, Simple Summer Hairstyles

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Star Stylist Harry Josh reveals how to get two of the season's hottest looks.


[MUSIC] My two favorite looks are gonna be hands down, definitely the big, giant hair and the second look is the braid. I think the braids are really modern. We're seeing them a lot on runways. Alexander Wang had just done one for the show and it looked incredible. And there's such a fresh feel to it that made it really look contemporary. For the texture of the braid what we really wanted to do was create the roughness. That's what's gonna take that kinda like simple 70s soft braid into something rough, cool and rock and roll. I used [UNKNOWN] by [UNKNOWN] from root to tip. And it kinda creates a real, there's a salty texture to the hair that creates roughness. So that when you're braiding it's not so slippery. Now to create the giant illuminous hair it definitely takes a couple [INAUDIBLE] products. So now I'm using a tiny tiny iron. And when I say tiny, I mean a half inch to an inch iron. These things are microscopic. And the reason why you wanna do that to create volume, is when you use a very tiny iron, when you brush that curl out, you're gonna create lift. [MUSIC]
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