See Your Favorite Celebs On The Red Carpet At The InStyle Awards


Kate Hudson, Michelle Williams and more celebs discuss their red carpet style.


[MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] I think anybody who has a real sense of style. [UNKNOWN] really knows who they are, and everything that they are inside sort of emanates externally. Their aesthetic is real, even though trends change and things change, there's always sort of a groundedness to someone who has an iconic style. It stays familiar. I'm wearing [INAUDIBLE] British designer. Wearing my boy Brian Atwood and Jimmy Choo. [MUSIC] Oh God, I mean well for me it's become like getting dressed is just become an effortless occasion because everything that I wear is easy and I love it and I feel really comfortable. It's print And I liked it because it was warm and yet, I don't know. I thought it was interesting to strive for the gold. [MUSIC] Oh, I don't know if there's one ingredient, I mean there are some Key folks that I love. I mean, when I see Kate Blanchette or Diane Kruger and Lupita's been killing it on the red carpet, there's definitely some favorites, yeah. My mother is presenting the award tonight for me and. [MUSIC] I think for her to introduce anyone would be a big honor, just for her being the style icon that she is. I think just feeling confident, feeling comfortable. I really think if you ever feel uncomfortable in what you're wearing, it shows with your body language and just your overall essence. So I think it's really coming from the inside out. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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