See Jack Black and Odeya Rush in the First Trailer for the Goosebumps Movie

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This is Goosebumps like you’ve never seen it before. The trailer for the movie based on the popular series of children’s books has arrived, and it will have you counting down the days until the flick's release.

In the film, Jack Black plays R.L. Stine, the author of the spooky novels. Stine is living with his niece, Hannah (played by Odeya Rush), when a new neighbor, Zach (Dylan Minnette) moves in. After mistakenly unlocking one of the books, the monsters from all of Stine’s horror stories come to life—talk about one of your worst childhood fears come true. Watch the full trailer above to see what happens.

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Mom, are you positive that there weren't any other places looking for vice principals. You promise you can [UNKNOWN]. I promise. And I looked into it. Legally, I can't live on my own until I'm 18. Well, you're the new neighbor? Yeah. I'm Zach by the way. I'm Hannah. Hannah, get away from the window now. I gotta go. Hi. Hey, we're just moving in. You see that fence? Yes. Stay on your side of it. He's a big teddy bear. Don't take it personally. He doesn't really like anyone. Yeah. [MUSIC] Mom, Hannah's in trouble. oh! Who's Hannah? She's locked in this house, and her dad's a psychopath. Does she have a friend? [MUSIC] Wow! Abominable Snowman of Pacedina? These are all Goosebumps manuscripts. Why are all these books locked? Did you unlock a book? Oh no, I'm sorry. I'll put it back where it belongs, look here it is. No! Don't open it! [MUSIC] Nobody make a sound. [MUSIC] The abominable snowman. Just crawled out of a book. That doesn't just happen. You just released every monster Every monster I've ever created. What was that? It's the Invisible Boy. Ow! He's such a crack up. The only way to stop them is to suck them back into the book. You read them all, right? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We know their weaknesses. We can capture them all. We're the only ones who can do this. [NOISE] Oh my God, how did you do that? Sore fillings I had a ton of cavities. When I was ten I didn't brush my teeth for a whole year. [MUSIC] Everyone find everything you can to barricade the doors. We can not let the monsters inside. [MUSIC] Go, go! [LAUGH] Oh! What are you doing? Get me out. Oh, no, no, no. Keep going. [MUSIC] Come on, scaredy cat. [MUSIC] Gnomes? Maybe they're friendly. [NOISE] Not friendly. Definitely not friendly! [NOISE]

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