See Inside Maria Menounos's Hollywood Home

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Get a personal tour of the Hollywood home that Access Hollywood’s Maria Menounos—and bichons frisés Baby and Benjamin—call home.


[MUSIC] I love being at home. I am a homebody all the way. So, for me, home is my escape. Home is where I get to just decompress. Be with my dogs, and just relax. Anita Page is a dear friend of mine. I've known her for the last six years. And she was introduced to me by Randal Malone, who's her legal guardian and has taken care of her for many years. Anita starred in silent movies. She's the last remaining silent movie star at 98. And she starred in movies from 1925 through 1933. She's such a great woman and she's so fun. And we've been friends for so long. This house was built in 1938. In terms of decorating, I started out gung-ho really trying my best. [LAUGH] I spend the majority of my time in the bedroom because I'm usually just here to sleep. The wonderful thing about my life is that I've been blessed. And I've worked by butt off. And I can have a beautiful house like this but the, you know, opposite side of it is you don't get to spend a lot of time here. A lot of people have come though these doors. I can't remember all of their names. My neighbors have, in fact, stopped me to tell me how many celebrities have come through here. It's been pretty cool. [MUSIC]
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