See the Hilarious Trailer for Kristen Wiig's New Movie, Welcome to Me


The trailer for Kristen Wiig’s newest film, Welcome to Me, is here, and it is absolutely hilarious (as if we expected anything less). Wiig stars as Alice Klieg in the film, an Oprah-obsessed woman who hits it big when she wins $86 million in the lottery.

But there’s a catch—Klieg has Borderline Personality Disorder, and after winning decides to go off her meds, move into a reservation casino, and finance her own talk show. The admittedly dark comedy, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, also features Joan Cusack, James Marsden, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and Wes Bentley. See the official trailer above and don’t forget to check Welcome to Me out when it hits theaters on May 8.

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Everybody comes to our beautiful planet Earth to do something great, something unique, something that only you were born to do. 14, there's 57. 15, and 54, and 39. Thanks for calling the California Lottery. If you're calling to report a winning, just say, I'm a winner at any time. I'm a winner at any time. [MUSIC] I was born in the year 1971 in. Encina Valley, California, and I've been using masturbation as a sedative since 1990. Now, I'd like to get a volunteer from the audience. What's your name. My name is Alice Klee. I won 86 million dollars. Mean she really won the lottery? Seriously, can someone Google that? You must be the big winner. Hi, I'm Rich. Me, too! I want a talk show with me as the host. You wanna talk about current events? No. Then what kind of stuff do you want to talk about? [INAUDIBLE] Me. Mm, how much will that cost? $15 million. Oh, and I wanna come in on a swan boat. You're off your meds, you're living in a reservation casino, and you're hosting your own talk show. It's a new era! $86 million Alice. We go live in five. Five, four, three. What is she doing? I, I think she's a little frozen. You're on TV now. Hello, I'm Alice Klieg, and welcome to me. And so it begins. [MUSIC] Ladies and gentlemen, meatloaf cake! What's the next piece? You know, we're on this for a while. Thank you, baby! No problem, baby! So good! We have a few bumps to iron out. Why doesn't it look like Oprah? Because you ate a cake made out of hamburger. Someone's been tampering with my makeup bag. Someone- Someone's been tampering with my makeup bag! [MUSIC] You are found guilty. Guilty. She's a menace rich. [MUSIC] Good morning. My name is Alice Gleek. And welcome to me. Welcome to me. Welcome to me. Me, me, me. And Welcome to me. [MUSIC]
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