Video: See Exactly How to Recreate Kerry Washington's Winged Eyeliner and Bold Red Lip

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Whether she’s attending a premiere or a gala, Kerry Washington's gorgeous makeup looks serve as a constant inspiration for us. So, when Kerry was planning her Guest Editor day at, we were thrilled she suggested that her amazing makeup artist Carola Gonzalez give us the complete beauty breakdown on one of her recent red carpet looks. Gonzalez has been working with Washington for a decade now and is responsible for some of her most memorable beauty moments--cases in point: The navy-toned smoky eye she wore to the 2014 Emmy Awards, and her metallic shadow from the 2014 Golden Globes. The star certainly knows how to work a graphic cat-eye and a bold lipstick like a pro, so InStyle Beauty Director Kahlana Barfield asked Gonzalez for a one-on-one demonstration on how to recreate the Scandal-ous effect at home. Read on to see a few of Gonzalez's best tips!

1. Have Q-Tips handy Holding a steady hand is key in getting the winged-out effect just right, but if liquid liner intimidates you, the pro offers some sage advice for an easy clean-up. “Always have a pointed Q-Tip with eye makeup remover right next to your makeup, because you will need it,” she says. Armed with a liner containing a felt-tipped applicator, Gonzalez traced the color along Kahlana’s upper lash line, extending it to a sharp point at the very end.

2. Work with your own eye shape Gonzalez used the pointed Q-Tip to thin out and emphasize the wing, which should be tailored to flatter your own eye shape. For example, if you have small eyes, steer clear of an ultra-thick effect as the harsh line will make your eyes appear smaller.

3. For the lips, choose a red that complements your skin tone. If you have a dark or medium complexion, Gonzalez recommends looking for a red lipstick with blue undertones, while fair skin types are flattered by orange-based hues.

4. Skip the lip liner. Rather than layering on lip liner, which can alter the overall shade, Gonzalez applies the lipstick directly from the tube so its true color isn't compromised.

For the whole step-by-step demonstration on how to recreate Kerry Washington's cat-eye and red lip look, watch the video above!


[MUSIC] Hi, i'm Kahlana Barfield, Beauty Director at InStyle and I am here today with makeup artist, Carola Gonzalez, the woman behind Kerry Washington's beautiful red carpet look. And Corolla is going to teach us how to do the winged eyeliner and a bold lip that Kerry Washington [INAUDIBLE] on the red carpet. So please tell us, what is your best tip for getting that look? It has to be perfect. So my biggest tip is to always have a pointed q tip with eye make up remover right next to your make up. Because you will need it. So I'm gonna start with a liquid eyeliner, and we're gonna start from the inner corner of the eye on the lash line where the lashes meet the skin, and we're gonna go all the way outward. Short strokes. Wait a couple of seconds, like it needs five seconds. And now you can open your eyes. Okay. And there's a tricky part, is the end, because that's that part that, it has to be perfect. When you're doing the eyeliner, my best advice is to try to do it with your eyes open. I know it sounds like, super hard, but you're gonna be able to see better, what you're doing. And since you're going to have the q-tip and the eye makeup remover next to you, it's going to facilitate if you make any mistakes. So, right here at the end- you're going to open your eyes- because the line is a little bit thicker in that area than I want it to be, I'm going to grab the q-tip with a little bit of makeup remover and I'm just going to go over it. And I'm just gonna shape it. It's very hard for it to be perfect the first time that you do it, so what you do is like on the side that has the makeup remover, you go over the area that you wanna fix and then with the dry part of the, the other dry area of the cotton swab, you go over it. And then you can dab any excess of,of makeup remover from your eye with your fingers. And then you're gonna go back again, and work on the angle that you wanna achieve. You can go up, you can go straight. It all depends on the effect you want to create. But if you have small eyes, you want to stay away from thick lines because they're going to make your eyes smaller. Okay. So the smaller the eye, the thinner the line you want to create around your eye area. So after you create the base of the line on the eye. You go to the end to perfect the wings. Now it's always tricky to find the right red lip for your skin tone. What do you suggest? Medium skin tones and darker skin tones, I prefer blue undertone, and then when you're more of a fair complexion you can play a little bit more, and you can go with orange undertones. In terms of the application process, do you start with the lip liner first, do you start concealer?>>I personally normally use the lipstick because it's ri, very rich>>Okay>> and I find that sometimes lip liners can change the true color of the lipstick>>Now you recommend applying the lipstick straight from the tube.>>I do because that's how you stay close to the true shade. Of the lipstick. If you want it more, to be more sheer, then use a brush. And if you want the real shade from the lipstick, then use the lipstick. Before make-up application, put a little bit of lip balm, because that will give you hydration. And everybody needs a little bit of hydration. But once you are done with applying your make-up, just, blot it out. Remove all the excess of the lip balm, and apply the, my lipstick. Cuz if you have lip balm under it, it's gonna look shiny. So once I'm done I look at the lip shape, and the lipstick application. And if there are any edges or anything that I need to clean up, I use the pointed q-tip with the eye makeup remover and I go around it. And with a Kleenex I remove any excess. Oh, eye makeup remover. We're done. Okay. I got my winged eyeliner and my red lip. I hope I'm looking a little bit more like Carrie. Thank you so much, Corolla. My pleasure. [MUSIC]
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