The Secret to Amazing Curls

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[MUSIC] Hi, I'm here to show you how to use a curling iron to create that messy, loose, textured, effortless wave. Now what you want to do is you want to start on dry hair. So I'm gonna show you guys at home how to really create the nice, perfect, natural movement I'm talking about. And the key for that is just holding it straight vertically like that, wrapping the hair around the iron, and when you run out, just holding that little tip out. And what that's gonna do is really create a nice, soft, natural looking wave, versus a prom ringlet. So just grabbing a quarter inch section of the head. We're gonna open this iron and just wrap the hair around the iron, completely vertically and like I said just holding that little tip out. I like to say about a three to five second count really works, and then just drop your wave. And there you've got a nice bend and movement into the hair. [MUSIC] What you want to do after that, is grab another section, about an inch across. And for that same section, you can go hap-haphazardly. I've done the first one back. Now if I wanted to do the other one the other way, I can do the exact same thing, this time going inwards. You really wanna just keep that iron as still as possible to really just lock in that texture. And we drop. So now, I've got one wave going this way, and the one underneath going that way. And that's really what's gonna create that loose, messy, kind of loose sexy texture. Now keep in mind if you've got finer hair or hair that always seems to drop, you really wanna go down on your size of your curling iron. Down to even a quarter of an inch, That may seem incredibly small for you, but really at the end of the day, it's gonna drop into the perfect wave. [MUSIC] It's really important for people at home to know, to let the curls cool down. So when you touch them, they're absolutely cool, and they have no heat left in them. That's really going to help lock in the wave. Now for her, I'm gonna have her tip her head back. And just rake my fingers through her hair, just stretching out all her waves. Again, the look is meant to be organic, natural, messian. Within 20 minutes you're really gonna see it start to settle. And within an hour it's really gonna be perfect. So always do this, you know, a good half an hour before you're leaving out of the house, so it really gets into that perfect shape before you finish it with hair spray. And there you have it. A nice, loose, easy textured wave that's ready for red carpet. Or even a night on the town. [MUSIC]
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