Sarah Shahi's Cover Shoot


Go behind the scenes at Sarah Shahi's InStyle Weddings cover shoot.


[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Sarah Shahi and welcome to my InStyle weddings photo shoot. [MUSIC] The shoot today was absolutely amazing. We ended up doing 6 looks with the help of an amazing makeup and hair team. We even managed to pull out some things that seemed like they came from out of, from different eras. The 50's, the 30's. Things that were incredibly modern. Some things felt very princessy and I felt like a cupcake at one point. [MUSIC] Unless I have people doing it for me, I'm not very good at doing my own hair. I just, I just keep it down and actually the one trick that I do have, this is when I want, when I really like go out and put a lot of effort into my hair. I actually spray ocean water, like the actual ocean water, the yeah, Pacific ocean into my hair. During the summers I'll go out, I'll swim into the middle of Zuma beach or whatever it is and just bottle a bunch of ocean water and just use it for the entire year. It's that, right out of the, right out of the ocean, when your hair dries, you know how you get that really pretty just wave. But it's not anything that you can actually replicate, because you just, you have to be in the water for it. So I just figured why not bring the water to me. That's me going all out [LAUGH] right there. There's definitely not anything traditional about me. [MUSIC]
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