Salon Shine at Home

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Louis Licari shows you how to use a simple, at-home glaze to create gorgeous, celebrity-shiny hair.


[MUSIC]. Hi, I'm Louis Licari. Everyone loves shiny, full hair. Today I'm gonna show you how you can have a salon quality glaze for your hair at home. Super shiny celebrity hair and the epitome of that would be Salma Hayek. I mean when you think of her, you gotta think of that pretty hair. This is the easiest of all the at home hair coloring procedures. What we are going to do is simply use a clear glaze for her hair colour. A hair glaze is a varnish of hair colour, what it is, its clear, that makes your hair shiny, it shows off your natural nuances of colour. There are several brands of glaze that's available, They are all semi-permanent and their only purpose is to add shine. So literally you don't mix anything together. Pour the glaze in your dish and you just comb it on. How these glazes work is they help your hair reflect colour and it works very much like a varnish would work on the wood. Now here I'm doing it with a brush but if you're doing it at home you can get a little sloppy and use your hands. This is a sure fire colour you can't go wrong. The great thing about this is you don't have to do a preview test a strand test because basically there won't be a hair colour change. It's just you, a little bit brighter. We're starting our dry hair. It can be done on wet hair. If you take the excess moisture out, she can put the glaze on damp hair. Now when you colour your hair at home, the hardest thing to do is see behind your head. So, especially with this clear colour, take your hands and do it like you're shampooing your hair at home. Just, just, that's it. It's that simple. And just keep work it through and what this will do is it's supposed to make sure that it's shiny on top it's shiny underneath. That's perfect and that's it. Make a hairdo, do a little twist we wanna wrap the hair in a plastic bag and go under heat. If you don't have a dryer at home body heat will do. When this is done correctly, you'll look like you conditioned your hair with a deep treatment every day. Once the hair glaze is on the hair, you should leave the glaze on for 20 minutes. What we did is, we put his glaze of colour on her hair. Show up all the natural nuances of hair colour. They just pop. Great thing about this hair colour, it's gonna last at least four weeks. Hopefully eight weeks. No line of demarcation. Look how shiny Grace's hair is. I mean, that is perfect, it's beautiful. Could life get better? [MUSIC]
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