SAG Awards: Alicia Vikander's Acceptance Speech

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SAG Awards: Alicia Vikander's Acceptance Speech


My. Thank you, thank you. SAG after off of this and then thank you to my fellow actors, to my friends, to my peers, to well this is honestly this is the highest honor I thanks just to be invited to join the stage because of you, thank you. You know I was remembering when I grew up, my mum's an actress so I used to go and watch her. On stage to the theatre, and I loved to watch her rehearse. I loved to watch her perform, but already when I was a young girl I was always, I think that mostly just captivated by what I saw. I saw a sudden thrill. I saw an excitement of a collaboration and exchange of Comradery between actors, and by fellow actors, and I learned then, and I still know that acting is not above all, that magic only happens between acting companions. And Eddie, you're here tonight, I want to thank you and [UNKNOWN], everyone in this amazing cast that I was on this journey with. And also the. A performance is not made only by us. It's by everyone, extremely talented people behind the camera, the people who gave us the words, the directions, the makeup, the costumes, hair. Because all of this, which is together Was able to create a character and a story that not alone we actors can tell. So thank you to an amazing crew and to everyone who was passionately involved, to focus, to I can't remember. Working title and then to everyone who were involved. that helped me from the transgender community and their friends and loved ones. I couldn't have done this role, and done it without you guys, so thank you so much. And to my family, thank you. [APPLAUSE]

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