Sabrina Carpenter Talks Summer Tour, Rapping, and Justin Bieber


We're living in the age of the multi-hyphenate, where singers are expected to act, actors are expected to sing, and both, inevitably, are expected to dance (well). At the ripe young age of 18, budding phenom Sabrina Carpenter has made the aforementioned look easy, with starring roles in Disney's Girl Meets World and Adventures in Babysitting, two full-length albums, and one sold-out headline tour, with another on the horizon. In advance of hitting the road, Carpenter stopped by the InStyle offices to discuss music, rapping, and Justin Bieber. Watch the full Facebook Live interview above, then scroll down for the full Q&A.

You just announced a summer headline tour with 30-plus dates. What can your fans expect? 

I'm super, super excited. I said super twice! It's called The De-Tour. I wanted it to be a bit of a separation from my last tour, The EVOLution Tour because you're in this middle phase from the next body of work. It's going to be a party. More than anything, I just want to give my fans and my family a great experience and a special place to come together and celebrate. 

Why did you decide to name it "The De-Tour"?

The idea was that you're taking a detour: You're stopping on your way to a destination and seeing what you can find. There are going to be a lot of surprises in store, so I wanted to play on words a little bit. 

Any special guests?

Alex Aiono, who's awesome and has some incredible songs. And New Hope Club, who I just finished touring with in the U.K. They're super talented too. 

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You just returned from a round of dates in Europe, too. I'm sure the jet lag is real. 

The jet lag is so real. I haven't been in a place to actually settle into a timezone at all. 

And you turned 18! What did you do to celebrate? 

I was in Paris on my 18th birthday. It was my first time there and it was as magical and annoying as it sounds. I honestly ran around with a baguette [Laughs]. I also really wanted to try strawberry champagne on ice from Bruno Mars's song, so I was determined to make that happen because it was legal. 

What do you take on the road with you?

I'm all about health because touring is a lot on your body. I'll do a lot of juice shots—cayenne and ginger and lemon. I also bring my teddy bear. I've had it since I was two years old. My dad won it for me and called it "Lucky"—I bring it everywhere with me. It almost died in a fire, but it's still going strong. 

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You'll also be opening for Ariana Grande on her Dangerous Woman tour in Brazil. What's your favorite one of her songs?

"Into You" is my jam. Whenever that comes on, I go buck. I can't control myself. 

In Adventures in Babysitting, you rap and it's wildly impressive.

I was playing a character in that movie and I had to really channel the character. But outside the character, I'm just a normal girl who really shouldn't rap. I admire people that can, though. I love Chance the Rapper. 

Your single "On Purpose" coincided with the release of Justin Bieber's Purpose. Did he ever reach out to you about the overlap?

A lot of my fans were confused. He's chill. He seems fine. He's still learning the lyrics to "Descpacito." His is called "Purpose"; mine is called "On Purpose." I don't think there's a huge difference, but there's a difference in meaning. 

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.


[INAUDIBLE] conversation [LAUGH] Hi everyone, I'm Claire, and I'm here with the lovely and talented Sabrina Carpenter. Ditto. [LAUGH] And we are here to talk about your wonderful summer tour. Thank you, I'm super, super excited. I said super twice. But I'm really excited for this tour, it's called the detour which basically I kind of wanted to be a bit of the separation from my last road show which is the evolution tour. But you kind of in this middle phase before the next body work if you will. So we are [UNKNOWN] In the Summer. It's gonna be a party more than anything, I just wanna give my fans, my family like A great experience and kind of a special place all come together and celebrate. Got it. So first the evolution and then the detour.>> Yes.>> Why is it called the detour?>> The detour, well I mean you are kind of taking a detour. It's stopping somewhere on on your way to a destination, and just kind of seeing what you can find and there's gong to be a lot of surprises in store which is why I kind of wanted to play on words a little bit, and I figured it'd be fun for them. Music, any special guest we can expect? Well, on the tour the special guests are Alex Aiono, who's awesome, he's super talented, got some incredible songs and as well New Hope Club who I just finished Touring with The Vamps and them in the UK and they're super talented, so you're gonna love them.>>Awesome.>>Yeah.>> Is there a city in particular you're looking forward to checking out?>> Goodness. I actually had performed in New Orleans, so I'm very excited to perform in New Orleans. Cuz I feel like they party really hard. Yeah. But where else, I mean, hometown Philly, I'm really excited for the Philly show. That'll be a good one. And, [LAUGH], there's a lot, there's a lot of great dates. I can't leave any of them out, cuz they usually surprise me too. Like at the end of the, my God, if I could speak, at the end of the tour jet lag gets to you. At the end of the tour, I'm always really surprised to see what shows were super, super loud and I didn't expect Well, the jet lag is real cuz you've just come back from some dates. Jet lag is so real. And you're about to go off on some dates. Yeah, I haven't been in a place to actually settle into a timezone at all. That's insane. Yeah. And you just turned 18. I did. And you are on tour. I was in Paris on my 18th birthday. Which was my first time in Paris. And it was like as magical and annoying as it sounds. [LAUGH] But it was one of my biggest dreams growing up. So, it was definitely on my bucket list. And to be there on my 18th birthday was so special. What did you do for the big 18? I honestly ran around with a baguette [LAUGH] I actually got this baguette. Just ran around and kinda ate. [LAUGH] And no, I just kinda wanted to see Cynthia. I didn't really wanna have any plans. I just kinda wanted to run around as an adult. [LAUGH] Amazing, with the glass of rosa or champagne I hope. With the glass of strawberry champagne. Well, cuz I really wanted to try strawberry champagne on ice from Bruno Mars' song. So I made that my yeah I was kinda determined cuz it was legal so yeah. There you go, you are an 18 year old now. So what are you taking on the road, what are some of your tour must haves? It kinda depends, tour must haves, I mean I'm all about. Health and kinda having to stay healthy on the road cuz it's a lot. It's a lot on your body and you have to make sure you're getting a lot of sleep, but I'll do a lot of juice shots, and like gross things like cayenne and ginger and lemon. [LAUGH] So we're always kinda taking that stuff on the road with us, like wellness stuff. And then something that's more interesting than that, I would say I bring my teddy bear. Your teddy bear. This is so weird. I don't really tell people that I've had a teddy bear since I was two years old. My dad won it for me when I was two and he called it Lucky, so i bring this bear everywhere with me unless Starting a fire, but it's still going really strong 18 years strong. So I just bring him everywhere. And sometimes I'll forget to sleep with him, and he forgives me, but it's fine. He's just seeing the world, it's really great. At this point, I can't stop. He's seen the cayenne juice shots. He's seen all the juice shots. For every baguette. [INAUDIBLE] should be a G shot. Yeah, he's such a character. There you go. And how about your costumes for the tour, I love this by the way. Thank you. Can you tell us who you're wearing now? It's Giuseppe, so I'm very- Giuseppe? Yeah, so it's- Gorgeous. Thank you. And I was very inspired by things that are like this and a lot of other A lot of other just, there's a special theme in the tour which I can't really give away yet, but we kinda designed the costumes around that and are still working on those right now. Is this indicative of what we will expect? That's a great word, indicative. Thank you. Maybe, there could be a hint. I like this flambe. I know, the cool thing about it was we sort of have this cotton candy theme within the tour that will be able to shine through a bit. Amazing. Yeah. And maybe on the Ariana tour, as well, cuz you'll be opening for her for two days. In Brazil. On the Dangerous Woman tour. I'm so excited. Are you pumped? I'm super pumped. First, I've never been to Brazil. My fans have been so incredibly passionate even though I've never got to meet them or perform for them yet. And to be there with Ariana, who's It's just so incredible and such an inspiration, it's going to be wild. It'll be fun. I'm sure the Brazil fans are excited. Do you have a name for your fans? I think they call themselves Carpenters, if not Carpenter Family. I call them Family and everything in between; they all have names, of course, so I call them by their names. But, I do like to think of us as a Carpenter family if you will. Building. They're so incredible, I'm actually dumfounded every single day just at how passionate, and kind, and loving, and witty, and sweet, and funny they are, they. They mean the world to me and they give me so much, and they give me the ability to do what I love every day and I just want to give it all to them. Awesome, and Ariana obviously has amazing fans too. Can we expect a duet, is there a song you'd do together? My, that would be awesome, she is so talented I don't know if it's gonna happen but she's really cool so yeah. Do you have a favorite one of her songs? Into You is kind of my My jam whenever that comes on I just go buck I can't control myself. What else are you listening to this summer, what's on your summer play list? Do you know the song Say My Name by Toe Stike? I do. It's such a good song, it's a jam. I'm more familiar with the Destiny. Teens child line. I mean that's another game. That's the problem is we're, yeah I know, the titles. But that's a great one too. Destiny child [INAUDIBLE] timeless.>> Yeah. Past and present. Yeah that's probably my favorite song right now.>> Awesome, awesome. And how about some rap? Cuz I know in Adventures in Babysitting you rap and it's wildly impressive. I was playing a character at that movie and I had to really channel the character but outside the character I'm just a normal girl who really shouldn't rap. But you can rap?>> But not really I can't. It's not, no really I can't actually. I admire people like Ken though. Yeah.>> I love Chance.>> Chance is good.>> Alison Chancelotte. Chance was a good one. Yeah. [LAUGH] Chance is a very good one. And so I have to ask a question. Yes. Your hit song, On Purpose. Yeah. The release of that, it coincided with Justin Bieber's Purpose. Yeah, a lot of my fans were confused. [LAUGH] At first. I feel like a lot of people could've been confused. Has he reached out about this whole Purpose [CROSSTALK] situation? No, he's chill. He seems fine. He's still learning what the lyrics to despisito or something. Yeah, I don't know. [LAUGH] That's a hard one. [LAUGH] It is hard. Are you bilingual? No, actually, his is called purpose minds on purpose. Not that there's a huge difference, but I think there is a difference in meaning. I love that song though. Awesome. Tell us about the new single. Thumbs, obviously I've been so lucky that I got to kind of jumpstart my last tour with Thumbs and with the message that was very universal. And when we were able to put out the video. Obviously, we got to make a video that I was really excited to just. Hopefully feel or get the feel like you could see yourself within the video and that one can inspire you to want to go make your dreams come true and to not have to succumb to other people's opinion. I'm into that. We have a Facebook question. Interesting one, Carla wants to know, did you buy a microwave for your tour bus? I didn't buy it, it actually came with the tour bus on my last tour. Interesting. And I don't have a microwave at my house. Because we moved in and there was no microwave built in. So we were just like, whatever, I guess it's just healthier, we just won't live with a microwave. Interesting. Did we get on eventually? Shannon brought one in. Shannon brought one. Shannon. We didn't need one. No midnight Hot Pockets of anything? I don't midnight snack. You don't midnight snack? No, cuz once I'm asleep, it's a blessing. I need that sleep, that's what I need. So yeah, no I don't midnight snack. Are you sleeping on the bus? Yeah. Hotels? Yeah. Nice. Well, you sleep on the bus, it depends, hotels, bus. Got it. Yep. One more question from Facebook. Sure. Christina wants to know, do you have a favorite song to perform live? Favorite song to perform live. I think it's gonna be a new one. It's gonna be a new one coming soon. But I think One off of evolution that's really fun to perform is called [UNKNOWN]. Cuz it's got this sort of really jazzy feel to it so I'm able to kinda put on a little bit of a character. It's kind of fun to just emerge yourself in a songs and the person that you feel like could be singing those songs. I feel the same way. Yes, exactly. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] How about any covers? Covers I mean I kinda, I switch up covers a lot but I always like to have covers in my show. For the past couple shows it's been That's What I Like by Bruno Mars cuz obviously Strawberry Champagne and obviously Bruno Mars, it's a great combination. There you go the best union. Super fun too and everyone loves that song. [INAUDIBLE] I just offended the one person that hates that song, but I love it, so. And one last question from Facebook. Molly wants to know what inspires you the most? What inspires me? Honestly, if you're watching this, it's probably you. But no, really, you guys, my family, my supporters, you guys are inspiring me every single day to not only be stronger But just kind of keep moving and keep being myself and learning and creating and experimenting and trying. You guys make me so unafraid to do that. So thank you guys so much for all that you do and I love you very much. And that's isn't very gooey and very gushy, but I feel as though since you're not here cuz obviously I'm just talking to a camera.>> You're in a studio.>> If you're listening. I love you very much.>> Amazing, I'm not Beautiful heartfelt sentimental note. We're gonna wrap up thank you so much for dropping by. Thank you for not making me rap I really appreciate it, next time guys I'll prepare. Tune in. Thanks everybody bye. Bye. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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