“I bought my first pair of Uggs when I was 16 years old with one of my first paychecks from one of my first ever modeling jobs,” new global Ugg ambassador Rosie Huntington-Whiteley says as she curls up on the couch on a rainy afternoon in the English countryside, looking divine in a cozy cashmere sweater, jeans, and a pair of Ugg classic minis. “I've owned a pair ever since. My ultimate cozy wardrobe would consist of great cashmere pieces and denim. I live in jeans."

That statement may come as somewhat of a surprise to many, considering that everywhere you look there are photos of Huntington-Whiteley dressed to the nines, hitting the town in ensembles that are about as far from cotton and sheepskin as you can get. But the model is truly in her element away from all the cameras and all the makeup, just being Rosie. “My days off or my nights off would consist of being face first in my couch with my dogs watching something on TV,” she says, as a few tendrils of hair falling softly around her face, drawing further attention to her stunning natural features. “That's one of my just favorite things to do is just to be at home, cuddled up on the sofa watching some reality TV show.”

In the exclusive video above, Huntington-Whiteley shares everything from her secrets for looking good in a bikini, to where she stands on giving up cake, to when she feels most beautiful. Watch the clip above to see the star open up to InStyle during a weekend in England to celebrate the star's new gig as the first ever global ambassador for Ugg.