Rihanna's Cover Shoot


Our trendsetting August cover girl sheds some light on her bold fashion choices and rule-breaker style.


[MUSIC] I love breaking rules. That, that's what makes your style unique and special and different. I try to mix-match colors, and, and, not only colors, but the type of clothes I wear. Like, I would wear a leather jacket with a dress. And, you know, a dress is girly, leather jacket is more rock-and-roll and edgy, but I would put the 2 together and it, it makes a difference. So I break rules all the time. [MUSIC] I have a weakness for shoes. I love shoes. Every time I go shopping, I always say you know, I don't intend to buy shoes, I'm gonna buy something else, and I go shopping and browsing and then I see shoes, and it could be something in a color that I had before, or the same style but a different color. And I just, I just love shoes. [MUSIC] The one item that I can't live without, is my little Chanel purse. It's really tiny, but it holds everything I need, my credit cards, my cellphone, a lip gloss. But it, it's one long strap and I just put it over my shoulder. When I go shopping I hate to be carrying a bag and a shopping bag, so I go shopping with that. And, and it, it kinda makes me mad that I wasted my money on all these other purses [LAUGH] when this is all I needed. [SOUND] I have 8, slash 9 tattoos. 2 of 'em are connected, but, 4 of 'em are, are the ones that I love the most, the most. I have a star on my ear. This one was a little painful, but I, I got that one only because my best friend wanted to get her first tattoo. And she said she wouldn't do it unless I got one. I love this. It's a san script prayer on my side, and this on my finger. Those are my 3 favorites. Then the stars on my back which are very, very new. I love those too. Those are my favorites. [MUSIC]
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