Rihanna's Beach Style

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Go behind the scenes of the singer's photo shoot in the Bahamas and find out what she'll be sporting this summer!


[MUSIC] It's was really cool to come and shoot on the beach, and wear some really cute bikinis. This is the first time that I came to this beach. I was aware of the East Coast, but I wasn't aware of this particular beach. People in Barbados tend to be very free-spirited, very laid back. And at the beach, I would wear a cover-up. Something that's not too long, [INAUDIBLE] cool, and easy to take off and put back on. [MUSIC] I itend to, because INAUDIBLE] a little more [INAUDIBLE], vibrant colors, maybe a short dress or something. Something that's easy, fun, sexy, is still appropriate for a night out. [MUSIC] I had a great time. I had a fair on the beach. I had fun. And a lot. [MUSIC].
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