Rihanna Talks Candidly about Performing

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The superstar reveals how fashion affects her attitude onstage. Plus, watch an exclusive performance!


[MUSIC] Come on. I wanna take you away. Let's escape into the music. We are at an in-star party for the Grammys. Celebrating music and fashion, my two favorite things in the whole world. I'm going to be performing tonight. Really, really excited. It's going to be a fun event. I didn't even know so many people were going to be here, and I turn up, and I see Akon right next to me. Really excited to see my friends in the industry. We get to hang out, you know? [MUSIC] That I'll always be your friend. Sit it out to the end. There's a thrill of being up there, just doing what you love. Gettin' the energy out to the people. And seeing my fans react, there's nothing like being one-on-one with them and feeding off their energy also. [MUSIC] Ella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh, eh. Shut up and drive. My outfit definitely has a lot to do with the attitude that I carry on stage. You know, if it's sassy, I get really sassy. If it's edgy, I get really like a rock star, and I think I'm a rock star. You know, it definitely has a lot to do with how I perform. [MUSIC] Thank-you! [SOUND]
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