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Get event-ready by yourself! The perfect, polished updo is just five steps away.


[MUSIC] Oscar worthy? Absolutely. I'm Ted Gibson. I'm gonna show you in five easy steps how to create the most beautiful Chen Yung of your life. You ready? Let's go. [MUSIC] Step one that you wanna start with is making sure that the hair has not been freshly shampooed. Meaning that you do not shampoo it the day of, because you want the hair to have a little bit of a natural oil to it. I'm gonna brush through the entire head of hair, all the way at the scalp from the nape of the neck, and then I'm going to use a ponytail holder, which we call a bungee, that's actually going to be positioned at the top of her head. After we have created the ponytail at the top of the head, take your hair, twist it, twist it, until it falls forward. Then, you want to wrap this hair to keep twisting. You wanna wrap it all the away around until you wrap the ends under the shenyong. You're gonna use bobby pins to hold in place. Take sections of hair. See that? And then I'm gonna anchor it all the way through. What's great about it is that it doesn't have to look extremely perfect. You don't want it to be perfect, you want it to look like you did it yourself because that makes it a little more modern. Take another bobby pin, anchor the hair, take it all the way through. You're gonna take the front section, you're gonna brush that out, you're gonna move that all the way to the side and then your going to spray in place. A little secret, in order for it to stay in place while you, you finish your makeup. I always take another bobby pin and just position it at the end of the section that you sectioned out. So that it can dry in that place. This is really beautiful, as you can see, but what we wanna do is we wanna take it even further. How you can do that is, is by using hair accessories. Now, using one hair accessory would be is to use a broach that you have just hanging around. That gives a really beautiful sparkle. Or... You can go to your garden and pick out a flower from your garden. Break off a couple of pieces off, just like that and just stick the fresh flower inside the hair. How beautiful. So those are the steps in order to create really beautiful, easy, runway, Oscar worthy hair. [MUSIC]
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