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If you're looking to add a bit of glitz and glam to your outfit this season, start with the finishing touches. "Accessories are the key to keeping your look for this season feeling current and stylish," says Dana Avidan-Cohn, InStyle's senior market editor/digital correspondent. "With the right accessories you can change the look of a simple dress and reinvent separates from day to evening."

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Avidan-Cohn's favorite accessories for the season? A playful shoe, mismatched earrings, and a structured bag. Watch the video above to get her expert tips, plus head over to to shop out the looks (including Sophia Webster for J. Crew pumps and a Giles & Brother collar).

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[MUSIC] Accessories are the key to keep your love for this season current and stylish. With the right accessories, you can change the look of a simple dress and reinvent separates from day to evening. For dresses the mid calf is one of the most elegant, and you can add a special detail by adding a more playful shoe. When it comes to earrings, one of the biggest trends for holiday is to create a mismatched pair. Choose earings that both have a linear shape and then you can wear one statement earing on one side and a simple bar or stud on the other. Just remember to keep the metals the same. The holiday bag of the season is a much more structured shape, especially in lucite or with any kind of metal detail. Not every look needs jewelry. If you already have a lot of embellishment on your clothing then skip the jewelry altogether. And just focus on the bag and shoe. You can add a small metallic clutch and a lace-up sandal [MUSIC] The key to accessories this holiday season is really, less is more. You want to look for fewer pieces that are more impactful, and remember, just have fun with it. [MUSIC]
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