Real-Time Fashion: Give Your ’Do the Old Hollywood Treatment with S-Waves

Real-Time Fashion

When it comes to your holiday party hairstyle this year, leave the flat iron at home. "Classic, Old Hollywood-esque waves are the perfect holiday hairstyle," says Kahlana Barfield, InStyle's fashion and beauty editor at large. "They're soft, romantic, and timeless." And before you can say that your hair isn't long enough for this look, think again: Barfield points out that it works on both long and shoulder-length hairstyles.

Watch the video above for Barfield's expert tips on exactly how to achieve this surprisingly easy style, plus head over to to shop out the right tools for the job (including a Drybar curling iron and Moraccanoil brush).

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[MUSIC] Classic old Hollywood-esque waves are the perfect holiday hairstyle. They're soft, romantic and timeless. The silhouette of the waves and the deep, heavy side part make it sexy, too. We see this look on celebrities with both long and shoulder-length hair. After finding your part, hold the one-inch barrel curling iron vertically. And wrap chunks around the barrel, away from your face. Continue to work, curling the top section in the same direction. If you look like Shirley Temple, you're doing it right. Just keep curling. And if your pressed for time, just focus on the front sections that frame your face. Then spray all the curls with a lightweight hair spray to set. Take a flat brush and gently brush the curls out from the roots down to the ends. To finish a look, pin one side straight back behind your ear. I love this style. Because it glams up any dress. And it's absolutely perfect for the holidays [MUSIC]
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