Real-Time Fashion: Menswear

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Dana Avidan-Cohn, InStyle‘s senior market editor/digital correspondent, shows how designers have reimagined the classic menswear suit in new ways.


[MUSIC] Menswear is one of the most prominent trends on the fall runway. The silhouettes are more fitted. They're not as oversized as they've been in the past. Maybe the suit's a little slouchy, but the jacket fits really well in the arms. Maybe it's wearing something sleeveless, so you can show bare arm or. Finding something with an interesting hemline and pairing it with the heel. On the runway it was the fabric. tweeds, plaids, pinstripes, the great Oxford blue shirt. You can pick up on the elements of men's wear throughout. Your look just by picking up on subtle cues. Your accessories, a brogue, or a slip on slide, or a heavy men's style attaché. All of those elements can play up menswear without being over the top. I think celebrities are able to create a balance of something that's still feminine. And beautiful while taking into account that they want something with the menswear feel. I love that menswear is a classic, and it's something that is always going to look fresh and we'll be able to return to again and again, season after season. [MUSIC]
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