Real-Time Fashion: Knitting Factory


When the temperatures drop this season, reach for one of autumn’s standout trends: knitwear. Find out how to style the cozy fall staple.


[MUSIC] One of the coziest and most comfortable trends of the season has to be these oversized cozy knits. They're just the most comfortable trend you could ever dream of wearing. And you're gonna look for something that's more impactful, something that has a shape, something with a slouchy sleeve. A lot of pullovers, rich turtlenecks. That's what's gonna make them look new and fresh for the season. I think an unusual idea for styling in knit is to wear something dressier. It can be a really beautiful option to pair something, a small fuzzy cropped sweater with a long midi skirt. That can look very elegant and modern. Most women reserve their heavy cozy sweaters just for Saturday's and Sunday's. Now you can wear them to the office. They look incredibly polished, as long as you are carrying them with the right pieces. I think, for celebrities, knitwear is reserved more for street style than it is for red carpet. It's a very real life piece to collect, because in every day life, you want to be comfortable. You need to move around. You want to look styled. As long as you. Look for something with a little bit of a heavier texture. That's always gonna be the most flattering. [MUSIC]
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