Real-Time Fashion: Graphic Arts

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Learn how to wear graphic prints like a pro all season with our how-to video.


For fall there weren't too many complicated prints but one that kept coming up again and again, was this sort of linear graphic print. Some of them were wavy lines some had zigzigs some were vertical some were horizontal but they were all extremely graphic. Wearing a graphic geometric print can be tricky, so stick to a color palette that you know and that you're comfortable. Go with. Navy, black, white, those are the colors that are simplest to style with and they'll work best with what you already own. One of the best ways to get a really saturated graphic is actually on a knit. It can be something very fine, the colors look very saturated, very strong, and the lines are very clean. Whenever you're wearing something graphic or bold. [MUSIC] Your accessories should take somewhat of a backseat. You don't want to highlight a shoe or a bag or wear something very complicated. It's better if that one geometric piece is your standout. And the others are sort of a simple complement to those. Putting these prints in the right places. Longer, and leaner, and slimmer. [MUSIC]
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