Rashida Jones plays ‘This or That’ and reveals her favorite Simpson


Find out if Rashida prefers the Dunder Mifflin Stamford Branch or the Scranton Branch, Homer or Bart Simpson, Harvard in ‘The Social Network’ or Harvard in real life, and more.


You're watching EW Light Bulb presented by glade. so, if you okay it we do this thing where I, I ask you like a few this or that questions. It's like a lightning. Okay. Round. Okay. It's really fast. Okay. Don't over think it too much. Just you know this or that. British accents or Australian accents? British. Paris or London? Mm. I don't know. London. Homer Simpson or Bart Simpson? Bart Simpson. Talking animals or talking. Oh, Homer Simpson. Oh, okay. Can I take it back? This is bad so you need to really, like choose something and go for it. I'm sorry. Homer. Okay, Homer? Homer Simpson. Talking animals or talking babies? Talking babies. Taylor Swift love songs or Taylor Swift break-up songs? Taylor Swift break-up songs. Stanford branch or Scranton branch? [INAUDIBLE] Oh, Stanford, Stanford for sure. Nice. Nice. Ice cream sundaes rappers with ice in their name? Rappers with ice in their name. The Mod Squad or Twin Peaks. Twin Peaks. Tumblr or being confused about what Tumblr is? Being so confused about what Tumblr is. Harvard in the social network or Harvard in real life? Life. Power in the social network. [LAUGH] Red or blue? Red. Star Wars or Star Trek? Star Wars. Friends or Seinfeld? Seinfeld. John Kusack or Joan Kusack? Joan Kusack. Celeste or Jessie? Celeste. Facebook or Twitter? Twitter. Acapela or Rockapela? Acapela. A or Z? [unknown]>> Oscars or Golden Globes? Golden Globes. Scarlet Johansen art films or Scarlet Johansen in action films? Scarlet Johansen in art films. Glasses or contacts? Glasses. Horse polo or water polo? Oo, horse polo. Single cam or multi cam? Single. Muppets Take Manhattan or Jason Takes Manhattan? Muppets Take Manhattan. Nick Frost dancing, Chris O'Doude dancing, or Chris Messina dancing? Oo. Nick Frost. Mm-hm. Yeah. Mm-hm. Nick Frost. And Nick Frost is here, no he's not here sorry. [LAUGH] Rasheeda, thank you so much. Thank you so much. It was a real pleasure taking to you. You too. [NOISE] Watch the full episode of EW Light Bulb presented by Glade
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