Watch Rag & Bone's New Star-Filled Short Film


We all know that feeling—you’re at the hair salon and suddenly a case of nerves hits. Does this stylist really know what I want? How many inches is too many inches? Will I even look like myself when I leave this place? And perhaps most importantly, Will I feel like myself with my new ‘do?

It’s a train of thought that certainly plagues women and men around the globe. It even reaches as far as Hollywood, where actors are faced with hair-induced anxiety, just like us. Take Bobby Cannavale and John Turturro, for example. The pair stars in Rag & Bone’s new short film, appropriately titled Hair, tackling the subject of men’s mane preferences during an unfiltered chat at a Brooklyn barber shop.


Cannavale gets real about hitting the salon in the under-six-minute film, which is directed by Turturro and will premiere at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival. He explains his complex feelings about the adventure as the duo takes their mirror-facing seats in the film's trailer, above. “I can’t just have anybody doing my hair,” he declares, adding, “I need my hair done a certain way so that I can get into character.”

Not missing a beat, Turturro responds with the obvious: “Yeah, but you’re not playing a’re yourself.”

“I’m still playing a version of myself,” Cannavale replies. And really, aren’t we all?

Hair premieres April 21.


[SOUND] Boy. I can't just have anybody doing my hair. Okay, I mean, I don't have a problem with that. I thought the whole like thematic undertone of this film thing was about hair, you know, and a man's particularness about his own hair. I need my hair done a certain way so that I can get into character. Yeah but you're not playing a character. You're yourself. What? Your not a character yourself. Yeah but I'm still playing a version of myself. [LAUGH]
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