Rachel Zoe's New Collection: Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Video!


Rachel Zoe’s new pre-fall collection just landed in stores, and the celebrity stylist-turned-designer gave InStyle.com an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at her lookbook photo shoot! “This collection leans towards more toward the ‘60s, and I think that’s what makes it a little different than my previous collections,” Zoe said of the inspiration behind this season’s lineup, which includes maxi skirts, leather jackets, and mod shifts in sequin stripes, black and white croc print, and watercolor printed florals. “It’s really about a girl who loves fashion but really never has the time to try that hard,” she explained. “So she can buy a great little dress and wear it five ways. I really think it’s about diversity in each piece.” Watch the video above—look out for a Skyler Morrison Berman cameo around 1:15—and pick up the new collection in stores now at Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks, and shopbop.com.

Plus, see our favorite shoes from Rachel's new collection.

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[MUSIC] I'm Rachel Zoe. Welcome to my prefall look book shoot. I hope you love the collection as much as I do. [MUSIC] I'm pretty obsessed with the periods of 60s and 70s. I would say that this collection kind of leans more towards the 60s, and I think that's what kind of makes it a little different from my previous collections. [MUSIC] Pretty much everyone that I know really loves the Maxi Lang to wear with a t-shirt and flats, to wear with a heel for evening. And I love kind of pairing it with you know, a leather jacket. Something tougher with something really soft and feminine. We did this great black and white croc print. And this incredible kind of, watercolor floral that has Great props as blue and cranberry. I've also brought in a new skirt length, which I really love, which really brings me back to kind of the [INAUDIBLE] period, where women were dressed very kind of easy and casual, like their hands in pockets and stuff, and they were just kind of throw on these skirts and blouses, but then they throw on like a leather bomber jacket with it. [MUSIC] I'm also super excited about the sequined sheath dress that I did like a great little mod 60s mini dress that's just the perfect party dress. I can't even talk about my shoes for pre-fall, I am completely obsessed with kind of the black and white pony boots and shoes My boots range in everything from like a really slouchy, easy boot, kind of very effortless, to super structured and really tough with lots of buckles and hardware. It's really just about a girl that loves fashion. But really never has the time to try that hard. So, she can just buy a great little dress and wear it five different ways. I think it's about diversity in each. [MUSIC]
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