Rachel Bilson's Cover Shoot

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See our cover girl pose for the camera and meet the actress's constant sidekick--her dog, Thurman!


[MUSIC] Rachel Bilson is the first cover girl for Your Look Magazine. And she is the epitome of everything the Your Look reader is and aspires to be. She always looks elegant. She always look appropriate and lady like, yet has cutting edge style, but most importantly she always looks like herself. She ended up pairing some designer items with some jeans, some vintage jeans that she had had since she was 13 years old. [MUSIC] Rachel Bilson showed up at our cover shoot with her dog Thurman, who she adopted at a shelter. And she calls him her little dude. She never leaves home without him. She never goes anywhere without him. On the set of our cover shoot, she was text messaging friends a lot. She was really, really excited to be chosen as the first cover girl for your look. She was especially open and engaging. We asked readers a bunch of questions in an online poll. And then we posed the same questions to Rachel Bilson. In many ways, especially when it comes to fashion and beauty stuff, she's exactly the same page. [MUSIC] The Your Look reader is a girl who is completely a dynamic and fascinating. She's sort of a star of her own mini-movie or the star of her own life. And her friends are her co-stars. [MUSIC]
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