Rachel Bilson’s Makeover Cover Shoot

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The style icon reveals her most treasured vintage find and the beauty risk she’d never take again.


[MUSIC] My InStyle shoot today was a lot of fun. I got to play characters. Well, I wasn't playing them, but I was posing as them. As you can tell, this is not what I normally look like. Just doing iconic brunettes. So this was for Cindi Crawford, hence the mole, and I did Audrey Hepburn and Ali Macgraw. I love collecting vintage shoes and bags. My best find would probably have to be a Chanel purse because it, ever bought. And it was vintage, which I thought was cool. And it was kinda messed up, and at the time I just thought it was the best thing ever. [LAUGH] When I was younger I experimented with some things that I would never do again like Sun-In. You would spray it in your hair and it would lighten it. My hair's so dark that I had bright orange hair, for a long time. And then it grew out. I have like black hair and have orange hair, it really wasn't cute. It's definitely something I would never do again. Did I ever have an awkward phase. Everyone has an awkward phase. I actually had to get braces right before high school. I was told my whole life I didn't need them and then right before I started high school they made me get them and my lips were so big. it just was like, disproportional to my face, [LAUGH] it was kinda awkward. That was probably the most, and then the sun-in hair, the half orange half black. Then the combo of that and the lips, it just wasn't good. I don't feel pressure to always look polished whenever I go out, in case your picture's taken because, you worry about it. Then you give too much attention to it, too much energy and who want to think about how they look all the time. I say that I used to dress according to my moods so, depending on what's going on my little differently, but that's just me trying things that are new. that may be I'm excited about or haven't done before. [MUSIC]
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