Queen Helena and Prudence Have a Heart-to-Heart on The Royals—Watch a Sneak Peek

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The Royals are here to stay! Earlier today, E!'s drama about the most scandal-loving fictional monarchy in history was renewed for a third season. And what better way to celebrate the reign of the royal family than with a sneak peek from this Sunday’s all-new episode?

In this exclusive clip from the show’s Jan. 10 episode, Elizabeth Hurley's Queen Helena visits Prudence (played by Poppy Corby-Tuech), the former palace maid who’s pregnant with the baby of King Cyrus (Jake Maskall). After a shocking twist in last week’s episode revealed that Cyrus and Prudence are engaged to be married, Helena is determined to keep her spot on the throne. But it turns out that there just might be more to her desire to hold onto her title than we thought.

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In what’s either a well-rehearsed act or a surprisingly honest and raw moment for Helena, she appeals to Prudence not as the queen, but as a mother. And her warnings are shockingly valid. As Helena points out, she lost her firstborn son because she couldn’t protect him from the darkness that comes with the monarchy’s power. Not to mention, with Cyrus as the “greatest influencer” in Prudence’s son’s life, does he really have any shot at a normal upbringing?

Press play on the above clip to see what happens when the queen gets real with Prudence, and find out the (familiar) name of the next heir to the throne.

The Royals airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on E!


[SOUND] [MUSIC] Your Majesty. May I speak to you? [MUSIC] First child? [BLANK_AUDIO] Children change everything. Yes. King Simon said that very thing. You were closed to Simon. Until he had me dismissed, yes. I believe your beloved fiance had something to do with that as well. Look, whatever you've come here to say. I'm sorry. I promise I'm here out of concern for you And your son. Cyrus is a dangerous man. I know everything I need to know about the king. Fair enough. But hear me a mother. Royalty is irreversible. If you expose your son to this life, to this world. There's no going back. Do you see this place? Do you think I enjoy living like this, that I want my son to live like this? Well, my son is going to enjoy the same life that you have. And once I marry the king, I'll be queen and you'll be irrelevant. I knew you struggle. Believe it or not, I did once as well. But this decision you're making is forever. And it's not just your forever. It's your son's as well. The moment he's born, his life will be public and destined and not his own. And Cyrus will be his greatest influence. Consider that. I have. And I've made my decision. And now I would like you to go. [MUSIC] I'm naming him Simon. [MUSIC] You're the first to know. He wanted to disband the monarchy. Ask yourself why. My firstborn son is gone. Protect yours. [MUSIC]
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