Purrfect Cat-Eye Sunglasses


InStyle senior market editor/digital correspondent Dana Avidan-Cohn offers smart shopping tips and styling advice for these iconic shaped glasses.


[MUSIC] The sunglass of choice, hands down, would be the cat-eye. It is the most classic shape. When I put on a pair or cat-eye sunglasses, I feel like I'm channelling Grace Kelly, from the 50s and 60s. It's just very glamorous. You know, I think that's why women go back to the style again and again, decade after decade. There's something so iconic about this shape. So no cat eye is the same. You can go for something that is really unexpected like a laser cut detail on the frame. You can go for a really bold color if you're feeling daring. I tend to like colors that a little more subdued. greens, bordeauxs, really simple deep jewel tones, I feel like work very well against a lot of different skintones. I also really like a tortoise shell. That's a color where, that a lot of women want to wear anyway. So why not just take a risk and wear a cat-eye? When you're picking clothes for the cat-eye, anything classic is going to go because it's a classic style. The slouchy pair of jeans an easy sweater... The cat eye is the dramatic part. It's almost like instead of doing a dramatic thing with your eye makeup you're just putting on a sunglass. I also really love that because it's such and elongated shape it works for so many different faces. I think women would be really surprised if they tried on a cat eye if they haven't already how incredibly flattering it is. And when you put on this silhouette over any other, I feel like you're instantly elevating the look. And you just look so much more cool and polished. [MUSIC]
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