Priyanka Chopra Ditches the Baywatch One-Piece for TWO Bikini Looks


Bikini babe Priyanka Chopra is getting her Baywatch on ahead of the film’s nationwide release. No high-cut red one-pieces in sight, but hey, she’s allowed some creative license.

The Quantico star soaked up the sun in Miami Beach this week in not one but TWO bikini-clad looks.

On Monday Chopra took to the ocean in a turquoise tie-dye string bikini (shop a similar look here) and reflective blue aviator shades (shop a similar look here) and showed off a bit of trendy hardware affixed to her belly button.


Earlier in the week, the Baywatch villain was spotted hitching a piggyback ride from fellow bikini-clad celebrity Adriana Lima. On this outing Chopra donned an army green cover-up over a navy balconette bikini with white detailing (shop a similar look here).


While we acknowledge that Chopra’s bikini tour may just be a marketing ploy to get us to book our tickets to Baywatch’s opening weekend, we can also acknowledge that it’s totally working.

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See you in theaters on May 25.


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