Kendall Jenner’s Daring Coachella Look Makes Our List of the 5 Fashion News Moments You Need to Know

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Leave it to InStyle Fashion News Director Eric Wilson and Style Correspondent Dana Avidan Cohn to sift through the noise and deliver this week’s most unforgettable headlines in our new, must-watch video series, InStyle-Five.

The risqué bralette that Kendall Jenner chose to wear and sister Kylie Jenner’s multiple hair changes at Coachella didn't go unnoticed by the knowledgeable duo, and Valentino denim two-piece ensemble worn by Kiernan Shipka had its moment too. But don’t think the music festival's fashions and sounds were the only things worth discussing. In the video above, Avidan Cohn and Wilson also offer their takes on celebrity involvement in the 2016 presidential election, a shake-up at Calvin Klein, and even a little Star Wars-fueled fun enjoyed by royalty.

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Watch the full video above and prepare to feel like a total insider, stat.


[MUSIC] Welcome to the InStyle 05. I'm Eric Wilson. And I'm Dana Avidan Cohn, and here's what in this week. [MUSIC] So first up, let's talk Coachella. Well, you can forget about flower crowns and cutoff shorts. This year, everybody went high fashion. Kiernan Shipka, not Forever 21. That was Valentino who made those denim shorts. Amy Song, the blogger, she turned up at a party wearing a Khloe top that was really cute. So cute. Yeah. But I think my favorite was Born, this new singer that Taylor Swift loves. Right. He performed in bell bottoms by Gucci. You're kind of seeing designers now viewing these festivals as a marketing opportunity. it does make me miss those little authentic vintage finds, and bathing suit tops and cut off shorts that we use to see at these festivals. Well fear not because I think this one could have actually been sponsored by Victoria Secret because there's so much bare looks out there. [LAUGH] I think I'm going to give the award for most inappropriate concert attire this year to Kendall Jenner who Yeah. Turned up at a party wearing what might have been a black lace bra. Actually it was the designer of that bra refers to it as a lace bralette. But you're spot on. [LAUGH] A bralette? okay [LAUGH]. Next up is hair. Coachella was really all about debuting these bright and bold colors. I think that Taylor Swift's Instagram really summed it up with Bluechella. Yeah, I thought she looked like Michelle Williams when I first saw her but it looked really great. She did. She looked beautiful. What about Kyle Jenner? We need to talk about Kylie's hair. She had this bright orange sorbet, and then halfway through the festival she Changed it to these ombre rainbow braids. That sounds delicious. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] Big news back in New York this week when Francisco Costa and Italos Cali the popular designers at Calvin Klein Left the company. It was a big shake up and surprised a lot of people because the company says now that they're gonna hire a single creative director to oversee the entire vision of the brand. Francisco was really popular as well because he was Calvin Klein's hand chosen successor. Having taken over the women's design thirteen years ago when Calvin retired. And there's rumor that Ralph Simmons, formerly of Dior, might be stepping in. Lots of rumors and you know in fashion when there's smoke there's fire. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. [MUSIC] This week marked the presidential primaries in New York state. And as we have lots of celebrities and designers here, we were able to keep track of who they were voting for. And, as we all know, if you don't post on social media, it doesn't count. Marc Jacobs posted that photo of him wearing a Hillary Clinton t-shirt designed. All black, very chic. Right? Susan Sarandon was feeling the Bern. And then Zac Posen said, if you don't vote, you can't complain. If only that were true. [LAUGH] And finally, my favorite, and possibly the strangest moment this week happened when Prince Harry received a bear hug from Chewbacca. I guess the royals are fans of Star Wars also. Harry and William were on set playing with lightsabers and chatting it up with Lucas Skywalker. That's so fun. And Mark Hamill, who plays Luke, went on Twitter afterwards and said, this is great, because it gave him the opportunity to find out once and for all If being Princess Leia's brother makes him a real prince. Well, may the force be with you. And join us next time for In Style '05.
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