“Pitch Perfect 2” Brings in $70 Million in Debut Weekend

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"Mad Max and "The Avengers" had to step aside for "Pitch Perfect 2" this weekend. The film took the No. 1 spot with an estimated $70 million.


[APPLAUSE] Guys there's gonna be some haters out there. They're gonna look at us, team USA and be like why is the most talented one Australian. Beating all analyst projections this week by about $30 million is Pitch Perfect 2 which boasts a spectacular $70 million haul on it's opening weekend. [INAUDIBLE] Compare that to the original Pitch Perfect, which brought in $45 million after being in theaters for a month. Ha! Oh my God! You can sing! This open is especially impressive, considering the movie's budget. The sequel cost only $40 million to produce. So a $70 million weekend is a roaring. Success. And it's another win for Universal Pictures who has had one hell of a 2015. Just last month Universal released Furious 7 which is the film companies first billion dollar movie ever. And Universal still has Jurassic World coming to theaters next month. Oh what a day, what a lovely day. Mad Max: Fury Road also did well this weekend, beating analyst projections, but not by much. George Miller's reboot brought in $44 million and many were tracking this rated R film to do three or $4 million less than that. And unlike Pitch Perfect, this practical effects action movie costs much more money to produce, about 150 million dollars. But Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy delivered dynamite performances, and Mad Max: Fury Road has received non-stop critical praise, which many believe will help the film keep pace at the box office.
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