Pharrell Williams Gets Intimate


Pharell steams things up when he answers our burning style questions.


[MUSIC] [SOUND] Hi, this is Pharell Williams and I'm here to do an interview with In Style magazine. Something kinda cool and classic about the one piece. Naked. [MUSIC] I'm a flats guy. I love flats. [MUSIC] I wear boxers. [MUSIC] Neither. [MUSIC] Both. I like sweet food. I love french fries. George Clooney has a good style. I think Brad Pitt has a good style. Always been a fan of Robert Redford. [MUSIC] My personal style is just three things. It's how I feel when I get dressed, who I am and where I'm going. Super simple. That's the most important part to me when it comes to fashion, like you just have to be true to that. When you veer off and do other things it can become a huge risk and either A, you'll pull it off or B, you won't. [MUSIC]
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