Peyton List's Airplane Beauty Tips and Tricks

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Peyton List has three easy steps for keeping your skin clear while you travel.


Hey guys I'm Peyton List and I am currently in an airplane bathroom. How [INAUDIBLE] cute. First off I brought with me my make up wipes. So I'm just going to take off this make up that I've had on since this morning. All you need is one make up wipe. [SOUND] After that I am going to take my moisturizer. And I am just going to lather it all over my face. My skin gets so dry on the airplane. I feel like I can't get all my eye makeup off. You know those oil blotting sheets that you buy in the store at CVS, or whatever pharmacy you go to? You can actually use toilet seat covers. And so the toilet seat cover, what you do is, you just take a little bit and you blot wherever you get oil. So I usually. Shaking oil around my nose, around my T zones, well I'll just dab that off. Also, your airplane seat is full of bacteria which, if you put your face on it can clog up your pores and cause acne. So make sure cover that with one of your airplane blankets, or maybe a sweatshirt or a sweater before you lay your Face down and go to sleep because that can be causing some serious bacteria. I hope this helps you guys. That's my routine. I'm realizing that I still have a little bit of make up on so I'm gonna get the rest of that off, and then put some of my moisturizer on. But I hope this helped you guys. All right, bye. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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