Personalize Your Wedding...The Celebrity Way

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Steal the stars' ideas for personalizing your wedding day.


[MUSIC] Hollywood's famous faces embrace wedding day details that reflect their personal style. [MUSIC] Marcia Cross included lots of little attendants at her wedding to Tom Mahoney. A lot of the ceremony was designed around the little girls, I had seven flower girls. A lot of my girlfriends have kids, and they happened to almost all have girls. So it seemed like a nobrainer that their mothers weren't gonna tell me [LAUGH] how you'll love but, you know, we weren't gonna do that whole bridesmaid's thing. You know, I've grown up with all these girls since they came out of the womb, so I just thought I gotta have my girls in the wedding. That was so special. [MUSIC] Haya Mclacline embraced his Scottish heritage when he tied the knot. Bagpipers lead party goers up a flight of stairs to his wedding reception [MUSIC] Bobby Flay requested one yellow rose on his cake as a nod to his bride's Texas roots. She put one yellow rose on the cake, just so I could point it out to her, just between us. And the cake was not only beautiful but incredibly delicious too. [MUSIC] At their Costa Korea's wedding, Heidi and Seal used their initials as a unifying theme. We took both their initials with the H and the S for Heidi and Seal. And we made a logo for the whole weekend. It was a surprise to them they loved. And they were able to keep them afterwards. It was really a heartfelt celebration. And people are still talking about it. [MUSIC] Pop star Avril Lavigne gave out personalized guitar picks as wedding favors. [MUSIC] And Jason and Naomi put their message on the bottle, serving wine with customized labels at their reception. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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