A Peak at Oscar Jewelry

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Exclusive! Jewelers-to-the-stars Fred Leighton and Chopard reveal their magical red-carpet sparkle.


[MUSIC] The red carpets are filled with glamorous stars and the [INAUDIBLE] couture. But sometimes, it's all about the bling. Celebrity jeweller show [UNKNOWN] are behind the baubles. The red carpet is, is very important, because it's the most amazing stage for great fashion and great jewellery. Natalie Portman wore this amazing 19th century diamond head band that we created. It was Grecian inspired. We just thought it was the perfect touch for that beautiful undone dress. One of the most expensive pieces worn on the red carpet was the cognac and diamond brooch that Helen Mirren wore on the back of her dress. And actually it was a pendant that she wanted to wear as a brooch. it, so we modified it for her very quickly. It's about $4 million. With Scarlett's diamond star tiara, we happened to have these three beautiful antique diamond stars. So we affixed them to an old tiara frame that we had. This is one of my favourite pieces in the store. It's such an interesting and fabulous piece. It was worn by Meryl Streep at the Oscars 2007. It's from the 1960s. Coral beads Carved agate scarab, and Meryl wore this with this black Prada, Asian-inspired dress. It was the perfect touch. [INAUDIBLE] is the lucky charm jeweller, and we've dressed many winners for the Golden Globes and the Oscars. They look at us as something that maybe gives them just a little bit of a lucky edge, if you will. A lot of actors and actresses, they're really looking for things from the very simple to the very dramatic. For 2008 we see a trend towards colour, sapphires,rubies, emeralds. The red carpet is really gonna be about diversity. Cate Blanchett wearing an Indian piece give you a good idea of the diversity that we can expect to see on the red carpet. And of course, one trend that will never go out of style is diamonds. As long as we have fabulous fashion and fabulous stars, we'll see fabulous jewellery. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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