Paul Rudd Uses an Ant-Man and Mac and Me Mashup to Prank Conan

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For years now, Paul Rudd has played an ongoing prank on Conan O'Brien. Every time the actor appears on the show to promote a film, he pretends to introduce a clip from whatever movie he's starring in, but instead runs a scene from the utterly cheesy E.T.–like '80s movie Mac and Me.

But not this time! "You've been in big movies," O'Brien said during Rudd's visit Thursday. "But [Ant-Man] is a Marvel movie, and this is something that’s serious."

Rudd agreed that it wouldn't be appropriate to mess with the franchise machine. "I’m glad you said it, because I have to address it ... it kills me. I feel dumb that I’m not going to be able to show it this time." So he introduced a proper clip from Ant-Man. At least, it starts out as one. Click the video above and ponder whether Rudd will ever get hired by the studio again!

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