Pan - Official Trailer

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Pan - Official Trailer [HD]


[MUSIC] I love you, my beautiful. You are extraordinary. More than you can imagine. I promise that you will see me again. In this world. [MUSIC] This is the beginning. Or another. [MUSIC] This is [MUSIC] Invade Canada. He's the pirate all pirates fear. Blackbeard! Welcome to Neverland. [MUSIC] Are you brave Peter? I try to be. [MUSIC] The names James Hook. I'm trying to save your life kid. Why? Let me handle this. Good fair lady. We come in peace. [NOISE] The little one, he wears the pan. The pan is our tribe's greatest warrior. It is written, when you return, we would unite against the pirates. If Blackbeard is going to destroy everything, I'll stand against him. [SOUND] Now kneel. I will never bow to you. [MUSIC] Wakey wakey. [SOUND] Away, we go. [MUSIC] We have an ancient prophecy that tells of a boy. [MUSIC] Come on kid, make them believe. I believe, I believe! [MUSIC] Mermaid lagoon. I think you're going to like them. You can say that again. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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