Pairing Dresses with Jewels


Dripping with diamonds, Hal Rubenstein chooses which dress will best show off which set of jewels.


[MUSIC] This is an event InStyle does in conjunction with the Diamond Information Center, everyone from as large as, as say Misses Cartier, and Tiffany, and Van Cleef, to new jewelers like David Yurman, and Lorraine Schwartz, and what we try to do is basically, to sort of celebrate diamonds. Its a fashion show in which, not to take anything away from the clothes but it's the jewelry that we're focusing on. It really is the glory of all this diamonds. We actually want the dress to accessorize the diamonds. So its kind of a backwards way of doing, when interesting, interesting way of doing a fashion show. Here's a dress where you pay to create open space. A strapless dress is always a great way to show jewelry and especially if a woman has a lovely neck and a really prominent clavicle. Clavicles look very sexy to me. We don't have too many busy prints. We have really strong colors, really saturated colors, very strong graphic black and white, great natural earthy tones. And then these incredibly ornate things to which you need, if the dresses are gonna be over the top, then you'll need over the top jewelry too and luckily there's tons of it. These two dresses by Marqueza, I mean this is what I'm saying. There's just a, this, I think people have stop being embarrassed about loving clothes, about wanting to dress up and look terrific. If you see something this, this streamline, what you really should do is go for jewelry that has a strong architecture. You know, the jewelry can be very ornate. This kind of dress with so much simplicity lend a great canvass. I wanna try to put it in the back. In the back probably, yeah. Try to put it in the back, put it here. There's never a bad place to put diamonds. So the thing is, just keep looking. Cuz it's amazing where you can find places to put diamonds. I think jewelers are getting more and more distinctive in terms of what they do and what their strengths are. They're really much more adventuresome. The dress is by Roberto Cavalli. If anyone knows how to make a drop-dead, beaded, evening gown. The great thing about Cavalli's dresses is he, he gives you lots of place to put jewelry because he loves to, to show skin. With this, I think, with this is you, you gotta emphasize, you take advantage of that plunge. Come hither, my lady. What I like about this is, is, is it's a very simple geometric. It goes with it. It's very intricate. But you don't, you can't, you can't fight this dress you're not gonna win. Yeah. Okay. That works. Look at these. This is, it's black agate and diamonds. Put the bangals on that hand as well, just shove it all on. The most important thing is the luncheon's designed to be fun. This is a celebration of, of beautiful women, and beautiful clothes, and beautiful jewelry. These earrings are $4 million. Oh, I'm worth it. I've got 54 can't-miss dresses and 72 can't-miss suites of jewelry. There's 25 something, like, million dollars worth of diamonds. There's nothing that makes people's eyes sparkle more than a little or big velvet box that you're going to open up. We're all basically children at heart. We like things that sparkle. [MUSIC]
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